last drink.

:DIt has been a week since my last alcoholic drink wow! I am soo proud of myself may God see me through this :D:D:)


Karibu kwa chama bro. your body will thank you for giving it a break…

@Gashui…fafanua tafasali. I love tusker. Na its taste is so nice nashindwa kuacha. Uliacha?

Do you get withdrawal symptoms? If yes hiw do you deal with them?


Kweli uhuru amesaidia mungiki


jinga hii lwanza ujue kuniita kwa njia ya heshima…

sija acha na kunyua ki-plan- actually only when watching 'ball - its good for the body and the pocket…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now that is where my problem is. Naweza kaa hata one week…lakini wakati nitaoja sip moja ya tusker nakunywaga mpaka senti ya mwisho iishe kwa mfuko. Kukiwa na LIPA NA MPESA baaas mimi kwisha. Nataka niwe nakunywa chupa mbili after a long time. Fobe ni kitu ya waana sana…imeni waste na ninazeeka. Had not planned to drink this far into my age.

congrats…just go another week, and so on…soon hiyo kitu hukutoa kwa nyumba ama uanze ku-call marafiki itaisha…

Poa. I will. First thing I noticed is in the third day,my sleeping pattern is so rewarding even if I sleep for three hours a night and waking up refreshed. In between the sleeps tho,I dream so much esp mambo ya kitambo huko shagz interior. Ndoto bovu bovu hivi.


The ndotos are a passing phase, part of the healing…in my heydays Tusker Malt was so sweet by around this time on a Sato i’d be doing my 2oth…

I was not a 24hr drunk but I used to drink every evening before going to bed. The first three nights I had insomnia and dreams that were so vivid that you woudnt tell if they are real or not I also had night sweats but the last three nights have been Ok Iam not out of the woods yet I heard after a month that when the real cravings begin.

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hapo si uongo -for the first time umesema kitu ya maana…one big success of pombeimwagwe was that it gave a lot of people time to reflect on the harmful effects of alcohol…

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Woishe hun…you can pray before sleeping for the bad dreams with alcohol its all about discipline ,i noticed once you have money alcohol can control you. .
for me I use the motto I can never go to work feeling bad due to a hangover or misuse money am better than that

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Naona tuko wengi, leo nime clock 21 days and still counting… i feel like a baby


Tusker Brown bottle was my favourite… Not good for my waist line… I’m into daiquiri cocktails. Three long island iced teas totally knock me out…leaving my waist tight and my pocket? Well, almost full or is it almost empty… Also you can make them at home… Ok you’re trying to quit just delete this post, hapo sijui

yikes brown bottle…i went to a very strict campus so me n my gals would down 1 kane extra quarter each in an hour go back to campus in the evening…with time I toned down to atleast weekends

Am proud I cant handle 3 long island cocktails …my tolerance went down :slight_smile:

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Congrats @Osiris and for the pink handles mwanamuke anafaa kukaa home hapana fuatana na wazee kuenda kunyua tusker.


he he he

1benefits of my decision.
a) at work I can confidently interact with my workmates without fear of reeking breath.
b) My wallet though almost empty will see me through the month comfortably.
c) My appetite is back, I can finish my meals.
d. Family is proud of me
e) I now have time to appreciate life and the small good things in it.
f) I wake up every morning and I am sure of what I did last night.
g) I no longer bed wet:mad::mad: