Laser treatment in Nairobi

Where can one get this here in Nairobi?

nasaka ya kutoa ndevu muhindi mwengine hapa ni muexpensive

nataka ya kusafisha meno.

The new kamall next to norwich union house

Amazing Smile Kenya | Nairobi

unataka kung’(y)oa au?

Why would you do that?

LASIK.? Try 4th Floor Sarit Centre. There’s an ophthalmologist who used to be there.

Keridam Skin Clinic…yeah…I know that one


I need to compare rates for removal of dark spots

Ni muhimu:)

I have a guy who does this the kienyeji way. He just recently did this to my friend and his charges are very affordable. Yuko Ngong Town but can come to your place. I could share his number if you like.

Whhhhhyyyy…and the way men with beards are a turn-on!!!

Hata ukitoa spots bado hutapendwa

Razor burns and Bumps!
Those ugly pimples and dark patches that appear after shaving a beard!
They are kinda painful and very ugly!
People with curly, fast growing hair usually get them!

Hata mimi hii natafuta in future! Using akina bump patrol is an expensive affair. A bottle goes for 1000/=

@Phenomenal Woman why do you want to bother with Lasik? you will spend 150 - 200k to do it. it works for some years and then you are back to buying glasses or contacts?

:D:D I don’t understand Kiswahili FYI

Cross dressing

Piga hii no 0723587930 meno yako itakuwa safi kama pamba