Larry madodo Vs This Davido guy

I have read Larry’s article in today’s DN and he’s really castigated davido for the way he was rude to him on Friday during the #Trend interview. He goes on to whine that the guy didn’t maintain eye contact. (eye contact?o_O Dude are you gay or what? What about those guys who come to the studio for the interview in shades?)
I have watched the interview on Youtube and I think Davido was gracious enough to attend an interview hosted somewhere in the cold unfamiliar and insecure streets of Nairobi.
I don’t know this Davido guy or his music(frankly am too old for this shit), but as far as the interview is concerned, Its Madodo who messed it up by being too hyperactive.

Here it is. Be the Judge:

sound quality crap the whole thing crap…

Eye contact? dafuq? even when out with friends I look at their beer or a passing arse when talking to them not straight in the eye


You may have a few valid points, but wtf is this bullshit?

‘Davido was gracious enough to attend an interview hosted somewhere in the cold unfamiliar and insecure streets of Nairobi.’???


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Wewe vile umeiona, is it a cold insecure unfamiliar street in nairobi?

Dude: To Davido, this is a cold, insecure, part of Nairobi…and why the hell are they not in a studio anyway?
By the way he summarizes today’s article by saying that davido is banned for live from attending NTV shows! :eek:o_O DH is wrong with this madodo. Is he Gitahi or something? Let somebody tell him, that at NMG, pride comes before a big big fall.

Larry wasn’t able to handle his guest well, true. But don’t use the ‘unsafe cold insecure Nairobi’ as an excuse for Davidos restlessness.

Larry is just a drama queen.

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Key Word

ako na pesa lazima ajiskiee

Have you seen Nigeria, Davidos country of origin? And that SA thing is a non issue in this discussion.

Davido’s body language and actions on set did not do him any favors. Lakini Larry pia anafaa atulize, the guy looked sleepy and jetlagged

Old monk you’re creating arguments to liven up the site, aren’t you? Watu wako busy. Weka post ya mamomo uone wakiachangamka.

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Kundos @kijanamrefu umenena

and what wrong with that? first weka your picha kwa avatar tukuone vizuri.o_O

This madowo guy is too proud and insecure. He always quarrels with new presenters at NTV. I saw him quarrel with one last week. He did that with another one and i think they were seperate and the didnt present together again. Very insecure.

Really? You were on set ama?

Si the guy quarrels live on air?

mi sioni shida na hio interview, huyu rarry just wants to pick a fight ndio ajulikane.