Large Scale Printing

Anyone with information on importing Taiwan large scale 3D printing machines?

As the official broker here for all the electronic items (as @Wakanyama would say) I will look around and show you a few samples by kesho.

atulie,utamuulizia kesho kwa wahindi



how comes the technology has not thrived well in kenya yet

That’s much like asking kwani hakuna dealers wa Airbus huku kenya.Tafuta internet, import, fanya kazi.

Tumuuzie ngapi?

@Lawrence Mathenge: Give me Ksh 110,000 upate hii High Precision 3D printer. Itakufikia within one week after kulipa. @Wakanyama: Note this[ATTACH=full]7160[/ATTACH]
Specs zake ni kama hivi:
General specs:

  • Printing Material: ABS PLA
    [li]Print Technology: FDM[/li][li]Extruder: Aluminum CNC Parts[/li][li]Print space: 200x200x180mm[/li][li]Wire Diameter: 1.75mm[/li][li]Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm[/li][li]Printing speed: 40 to 150mm/s[/li][li]Power: AC110V or AC220V[/li][li]Tolerance: 0.1-0.2mm[/li][li]Positional Accuracy: XY: 0.011mm, Z: 0.0025mm[/li][li]layer thickness: 0.1mm to 0.5mm/s[/li][li]External Structure: Laser Cutting Wood Frame[/li][li]Memory: (internal + external) 2GB, up to 8GB[/li][/ol]


[li]Main Product Dimensions: 308x401x303mm (L x W x D)[/li][li]Main Product Weight: 7500g[/li][/ol]

Can one survive on 3d printing? As in you get those professional machines za 2M+ and set shop ungonjee clients?

what is it capable of printing?

@Electronics4u i’m interested in a t-shirts printing machine,unaeza kua na any intel on availability & costs

T shirt printing is very good as long as you have contracts especially with gover or NGO’s

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i’m thinking of starting with youth groups as i network to get za NGOs, CBOs, Govt… etc

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Anza na za Gor Mahia, assured money right there waiting to be picked and put their owners names at the back eg Deorro!


Visit Ramco printing works along mombasa road (after GM) ujionee.