Fellow villagers hebu advice on the best laptop at a budget of 25 to 30k.
Hii mambo ya technology imeanza kunichanganya guess uzee is taking toll

Niko na core i3 leta 25k

New or used? Ni hp ama



Wait for one week nikutumie kitu moto

What do you mean by “moto”?

Gani hiyo

Looking for a new one

Kitu itamchoma ashtuke

25k for a used corei3 that’s much.

nunua amazon then i will do you a refund for your money at a cost though

tafuta HP core 2 quad ama i3 ziko within that budget, ama atom kitu 15k

saka Acer

by the way i was about to put a similar thread then saw this,what should one look for when buying a laptop,the main features,i am looking for one that can do normal browsing,skype,gaming and is it possible to connect mine to the set top box and what is the type of cable?

For browsing, skyping, you can get a normal laptop with a Pentium, and the maximum being an i3. However, low end laptops have very crappy video cams so you may have to buy external camera.

Gaming is another issue entirely. What games do you want to run? From what year are they? At what resolution and settings do you want to game at?

A gaming laptop is also power hungry and cannot last long without being plugged in if it has a dedicated GPU.

You should consider this

  1. Portability thus screen size and weight
  2. Battery lifetime
  3. Screen resolution if its for gaming
  4. Dedicated GPU if its for gaming
  5. Age of laptop since if it is too old the manufacturer will not provide drivers for GPU or laptop overall. New games don’t perform well with opd drivers till updated.