Laptop recommendations(budget 40-50K)

Hi talkers,which laptop can I get at this price? Should not be more than 14".

Lenovo y7000 Notebook. 37 to 40K in Kenya.


laptops in kenya are a joke import from amazon

Unataka kufanyia nini kwanza? Tuanzie hapo ndio upate jibu mufti.

I have had the Lenovo X1 Carbon ,i would recommend it for that budget

Just kawaida work-study tasks,nothing heavy. Looking at portability sana sana

Budget ya 25k itakupea lenovo x250 ama HP 830 core i5 with 4gb ram and 256gb SSD albeit refurbished. Ama you insist on brand new?

Tembea pale and get yourself a good staff or you can try kilimall overseas

ThinkPad yyote itakufaa

New or refurbished??