Laptop problems

People with hardware and retail knowledge,please help.

I have this HP Laptop that I bought along the numerous Kimathi Street computer shops.

The laptop first developed a problem after scrambling it’s OS and giving me a “memory management error” that did not self repair even with repair tools, Recovery and other numerous ways from YouTube University. Nikaipeleka pale duka and those buggers formatted the laptop and reinstalled win10 without asking me thus I lost all my files and movies.

2 days later nawasha laptop na kitu inawaka screen nusu. The damn thing’s screen is two thirds grey. However, niki-connect na HDMI, the TV displays the screen correctly thus am sure it is not a case of a blown up GPU. I am hoping it is just a disconnected cord that I can fix. The seller has blocked me after calling him and explaining the situation and am in no mood to kufuatana na mjinga.

Shida ni, the laptop scrambled itself and then destroyed its LCD(sikuangusha).

Nimeangalia Serial Number nikaona iko na warranty ya HP imebaki 3 months.

Swali ni je, is there a HP care center that can repair my laptop for free in Kenya?

Kuna LCD cheaper than 6500/= incase HP refuses to repair it?

It is a HP y001ax. It has a AMD A8 7410, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, 2GB R7 M440 GPU and win10 pro. Hii kitu is still going for 800$ abroad so I cannot simply sell it to the dead laptop people for 8K as they say. 8GB RAM is already 7K plus 1TB HDD,hiyo ni 15K.

Saidieni tafadhali

wont be free because you didnt buy it from them but try mitsumi or redington (used them the last time i had a major problem with a G7)

LCD is your problem. There is cheaper or almost equivalent to that.

Next time you wanna buy a new laptop, avoid refurbished like plague.

Call Abdi on 0705105000

Naannza masus za wewe ndo abdi na promo yore…ama ni ngapi commission

Do you mean I can just show up at Mitsumi and they will help at a cheap price since iko bado under warranty au ni repair shop where I will pay through my teeth?

Price ni kama ngapi hivi for an LCD? Average yaani

Call the number. Bulari baga!!!

will be free if warranty ni ya Kenya, doesn’t matter if you bought it from Lodwar

All I did is input serial number into HP site and it said 3 months remaining. Ama warranty ya Kenya inamaanisha nini Mkubwa?Kuna hope?

kuna different markets eg US, Europe, Middle east and Africa… unaweza enda service center kumbe warranty yako ni ya US so they wont repair for free but charge you for the repairs which will be expensive, better going to fundi huko tao. I suggest first give them a visit, wakisema warranty si ya Kenya then tumia option ya Chloe or I can give you contacts za fundi wangu ako Tom Mboya

Amd chipset huwa mawe btw.very good when new but later ni shida.

Kwanza Hii GPU ni ya 2015 na waliipea drivers broken moja via HP site halafu waka-ignore hiyo GPU, hata haiko site ya AMD. F*#K AMD. Na nilijua ni wajinga sijui mbona nilichukua Lapi yao

Always go for intel,very stable. Amd is good For their graphics only

next time buy one with Intel processor and Nvidia graphics.
utakua tu unaimba haleluia