Laptop Prices

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 series utoka pesa ngapi Kenya?

make Google you friend and avoid such posts.[ATTACH=full]346330[/ATTACH]

Wapi zile zako second hand.
I need something good with an 8gb ram. Or something that I can expand the ram.

I’m ordering this period’s stock. Will DM once they come.

Am also interested

Must be Dell??

Kuna HP hapa


Are you selling?

Yes… Lakini ni HP

500GB 4GB… 1.6GHz duo core processor… 15.6inch… 8th gen… Its HP15



Lenovo ThinkPad 450s or 460s at less than 45k pale eBay .Keyboard smart, top build quality .Thank me later.

Are you sure they deliver what one specifically ordered?

Yes , just read the description . There are honest vendors out there .

Rotrings isograph kwani umerudi kenyatalk?

Na wale wa telegram ex-UK machines? Beast na bei ya chini. Just battery probably haina life. Unaweka solar inakua uninterrupted power supplied Desktop