Laptop issue

I had this laptop i gave a friend for a few weeks bt since it came back i realize everytime i connect to wifi it lasts for about 5 mins before giving an error prompt msg before it shuts itself down.When not connected to wifi or mobilehotspot it runs just fine…Any ideas on what could be causing this?

hii curfew itakufanya ukue mtaalam wa kompyuta utaifix upende usipende

Check recent updates on your laptop. Could be a bug.

What is the error message

Your wifi driver are automatically rolling back, update those.

You repair laptops?

Roll back updates to previous uone ka utasaidika

Could he (she?) have installed malware?

I think so, most likely

I think so too. Afanye a full malware checkup. Lots resources online.

Thanx guyz it was actuall some malicious program i managed to get rid off and everything is okay