Laptop Battery

Looking for actually two batteries for my laptop, Make: hp Probook 4540s Core i5 . Will be going to some remote place with possibly no power so I need full power back up. Where can one get the battery or is there a better alternative to having two spare batteries

nunua power bank ya laptop

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Solar charged power bank…


Aren’t there solar power solutions for laptops? ama ununue battery ya gari na inverter!

sawa will get one extra battery and a power bank, if solar even better. Thanks

Battery ya gari ama generator uko sorted

Just curious where are you at na huko remote place unaenda ni kapedo ama wapi. Sema then I’ll advice

Will be arnd marsabit for a few days

Tuletee burungo from those sides :D:D

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Hehe grenade shaped salt shakers maybe


Kweli wewe ni “afande” mmoja digital sana…corporal ama sergeant? :D:D:D

:smiley: none haha