langatta women's prison

Conjugal visit day ya female prisoners inakuanga lini ?[ATTACH=full]4311[/ATTACH] hii dry spell itanimaliza na mkia zote zinaringa ati “i am busy”

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On a very serious note;
Maybe you have seen this before but it opened my eyes and that Beatrice Wairimu`s story really moved me seeing how cute she looks (start at 8.00 minutes) I still cant decide if she is a total psychotic,lying sociopath or a Victim…???

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Hehe I saw that video and wished I was a guard in that prison.

I saw that video and wished there was a Jury system in the Criminal prosecution system in Kenya. i think there are better ways to punish the “African Woman” than have her kids taken away from her and have her locked up and seeing the way the African society treats impoverished women,i think half of the women there are in there because they could not afford the right lawyers.

Pole for “derailing” your listing,im sure you had DFHKMNKN in mind but i couldn`t help but share my opinion.

mwanamke kama hii ni moto ya kuotea mbali sana…behind a metal cage

Bibi wako iko Langata?

translation ni ‘ingiza mpaka itoke kwa mdomo’

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tulikosana na yeye

stab his fiance halafu wewe unamuhemea budda

I had a psychotic gf, she stabbed her friend over some petty issue and then afterwards she acted like the victim, luckily her friend survived and the matter was settled outside the court. I dumped her like hot shit and ran far away from her, niliogopa she might do something worse like cutting off my dick while i slept if we were ever to have a disagreement.


acha za ovyo…Ukabila tuliachia klost,and i was starting to like your contributions…


Usione hao wanawake hivi. You would be a very unlucky man to hook up with any of them.

Lakini huyo Beatrice i think i am safer that she is locked up juu i have a weakness for such unpredictable,spontanious women and she is so good looking and yet you can still smell danger and you still want to be the one to “tame” her… eish… maybe its just me!

At the basic instinct level, it’s natural for people to run after difficult partners, often losing everything in the process. Women will cling to you when you are a nigger that doesnt care and actually wants to dump them. On the other hand, men will run after troublesome slut pussy even when it takes all effort and money to have your deek be among the many that take a peek inside once. Other men will run after women who fight them all time, it feeds their ego and gives them adrenaline rush.


Maneno bad that chiq is psychotic and she has confessed… Short temper is a scape goat or a smoke screen of such pple… But felt for them…

Sitaki kuwa Mwanaume wa kulia hivi hivi lakini wacha tu ninyamaze.

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Jokes @Ka-Buda … Pole

kama ka msupa flani nimenyemelea siku mingi lakini ananipiga chenga, rumor has it that amekula mileage lakini bado nakazana, I don’t know what’s wrong with me

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Nature’s a bitch

Truelly is