Landlords hujuma - Regent Valuers

Leo nimeenda pale base yao ya Muthithi road nikaambiwa walishahamia Westlands road. Kuulizia naambiwa ati walipandishiwa rent to 400K per month. Then nikaambiwa hii ilikuwa jaro ya kuwatoa pale ndio mmoja wa wenye hiyo plot achukue hiyo area for his business.

A similar thing happened to a famous hotel Limuru. The premises owner doubled the rent to the performing hotel allegedly due to jealousy mpaka wakajitoa. The following month another hotel was opened the same place but at a rent less than half of the previous hotel.

Why do house owners behave this way? Wakiona biashara yako inaperform vizuri unapandishiwa rent mpaka unalemewa

Upuzi kama huu ndio rent tribunal inafaa kushugulikia but like every other institution in vumbistan, they’re toothless dogs.

They should sign a contract. Mtu asiongezewa rent ya cyber fwaaa

Captain huwa anatuenjoy. Was speaking to someone in this ‘cyber’ business hapo Rwaka the other day. He told me they do make quite a mint from binding, opening sijui KRA ?, photocopying and many other things. Hakuna 9k salo.:DHe said he can’t complain!

Damn you should sign a lease agreement with your Landlord clealry stating terms of Rental review and the period to avoid such scenarios

They are NOT toothless…like every other institution in .ke, they are rotten to the core with corruption…only a tenant who has more money to bribe them then the landlord can win a dispute.

If you have a successful business, negotiate and sign a very long term lease. Also look into branding your business. That way you can open another location. If your lease runs out or you choose to move, your customers will look for you.


Mbona unakataa kujibu my question?

Swali gani chenjerian?


I’ve personally seen this…a tenant took legal action against his landlord over some matter…the landlord ordered the agency to double his rent after 5 months to settle scores…he should’ve kept to his lane

Wanaitwa Bono…


It’s very bad. So biashara yako ikinoga unaanza wasiwasi wa landlord?

Just sign a contractual agreement between you two. In the presence of two lawyers, ten witnesses and the village chief.