Copy pasted from BuyerBeware facebook group:

By Salline Handa,
Dear Admin; I wish to report a case of a lady called Agnes Aika Bosco; Aika rented my apartment and lived in for months without paying rent. I considered her excuses with patience over the months because she was new on the job and had just relocated from SA, and claimed her bank was taking really long to transfer her money; stories kept changing, and being a new land lady, I wasn’t sensitive as I should have been! Long story short, I begged Aika to pay or even give me a payment plan for my cash and all I got were fresh lies after another! I alerted her that I would engage her employer; she begged me to give her two wks – I gave her three! I wrote to her boss and copied her; soon after, she disappeared. At the point I have her notice, she owed 380k. She still owes me. I have engaged a lawyer to find her, but she is slippery. She is on fb with the name Aika Bosco and this is her picture. Can I get help chasing my money? I have done everything I can to get her to pay. She sneaked out of the hse before notice expired, leaving my house a mess! ALL toilets blocked from shit and newspapers she used instead of toilet paper! Power bill of 23k and water of 6k. Can I get help?

BB was able to recover 100K from Aika’s family, she has now gone missing. Last living in Stella Awinja hostels. Aika Bosco had also secured employment with Old Mutual using fake documents.


we ladies will get away with almost everything…kwanza vle huyu ni mrembo…

Si akuje akae kwangu bure


vile ako mrembo anatumia newspaper kupanguza shit, victor think twice


i have a vacant bed sitter, she can come and live there for free as long as she wants, with a few benefits for me off course

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when she is too attractive think twice ama trice…

hii ndio goldigger na nusu na kazi ni umalyer