Landlord na deposit

Moved out of a house end of August 2017 na landlord (agent) amekataa na deposit yangu kabisa.
What action(s) can I take to recover my deposit seeing I had served them with the required notice and replaced everything I had damaged?
Can I seek help from the rent tribunal ama niambie wakili wangu awandikie barua ya vitisho?

land anasumbuliwa na KRA

mwachie tuuu baba anaingia president hatutakuwa tunalipa rent .

Its very simple. On the night of moving all your belongings, or whatever you had left behind is the time to act. You purchase a bag of “simiti” in advance, sneak it in without been noticed, koroga kwa ndoo a thick paste (not so thick) and pour it down the toilet drainage. Clean any evidence left and carry your last belongings whistling like a champ.

If I remember well during my hustling days, there was nothing like a deposit refund. Mtu alikuwa anaishi hiyo nyumba na deposit by force ata kama ni 3 weeks ukimwambia bado haujalipwa- na ukilipwa utalipa rent ya next month plus deposit.

Move on bro, the cost of the small repairs and paintwork will surpass your deposit and in fact utaambiwa uongeze pesa kwa hiyo deposit ndio uhame. Tafuta keja ingine tu roho safi.

ati atia my dear?
siku hizi wanauza simiti ya kupima, 4kgs would be enough

That toilet seat costs around 2k and a plumber will replace one for 1k. A sink is even cheaper. Your deposit meanwhile is probably over 20k. This is one trick landlords have perfected

I think landlords and agents attended the same school of nuisance and arrogance on refund of deposit.

Hiyo ndo design, I remember one time putting a big chain on the Padlock space so the landlord would not have any space left for him if he tried to lock my house, we kept on quarreling mpaka nikaishi kwa deposit sosa na kichwa ngumu ndo nkahama

That’s just nasty.

True story, I have never witnessed a ‘rent deposit’ refund in my life. Huyu msee alifanaya blunder kuhama

Sasa hivyo atarudishiwa deposit?

Deposit huwa haturudishi, it’s to repair the house to the same standards you found it. I don’t have to trust your repairs most probably done by a quack jua kali fundi.

most probably

@Chloe … Gal you are diabolical.
Nimecheka hadi my guys are wondering wtf is going on…I told em and we all had a good laugh.

Sasa tuko story za landlords kwa table juu yako.:D:D:D:D

Are you on a foursome…?

No…today i am on a beersome.:rolleyes:

sahau hiyo deposit my friend.
The only revenge thing you can do is go to the top floor, where the reservior tanks are located, identify the caretakers reservoir (Its easy because most of them live on the top floor), then Kunia kwa hiyo tank.

Na si unapenda fobe madam:eek::eek:…Wednesday mchana…what exactly do you do for a living?

He he hee. Chorela pap