Talkers land whale ni mammal gani[ATTACH=full]244005[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]244005[/ATTACH]



:D:D:D:D:D,land whale Ni mnyama mfupi , round

This is perfect design of a human

Lard infested warerzzzzzz my Fren. Lard infested

Huyo ni @Mrs Shosho na @Phylgee

You are a vvv stupid person. You keep tagging me aimlesslesly. Go back to cooking mashakura.

in the wise words of @uwesmake ,“bora nimwage ndani”:D:D:D

Those clothes are barely holding things together. Ukitoa manyama zitamwagika tu kiholelaholela

All the same, hapo nitamwaga mpaka zile hazijakomaa zijisort zenyewe

Hapana tambua. Hapa namwaga ndani kabisa. Then she cleans the phallus with her mouth. One thing I love in this world is using fat women for my pleasure. Anal pia you just take less than one minute to convince her na anakubali. If you have done enough research you will see that many fat women has done anal before. Yaani wanakuanga ready for anything.


Her shadow has a shadow. Shait!

[SIZE=1]I hate to quote that @bitch lover but…haisuru[/SIZE]

Inakaa hybernation is near.



Shinda hapo kijana.