Land Search

Vipi wadau. I need help identifying some family properties and parcel numbers with the view of placing a caveat. I’d appreciate if someone could help me/refer me to someone to conduct a search and document each property. Also, what documentation do I need to avail? Danke

For blocks in nairobi you can do it on ecitizen… others i think you will have to visit respective counties land offices .
The requirements you can find them on ecitizen. I.e pin , proof of ownership, i.d and an application form ( brokers wa uko watakusaidia kujaza)
Fyi kuna kitu inaitwa green card it shows the ownership/transfer over the yrs its more import than the title deed but you will need a lawyer to apply for you to see it .

Thanks for the info. I am in Nairobi but all the properties are in Kisumu. I only have the deceased’s I.D. Proof of ownership inaeza kuwa kama nini?

Title/allotment letter… kindly, take caution when dealing with the guys at the lands they are most corrupt mofo you will ever meet.

Noted, and thanks

Land registry zinafungwa sahii juu ya Rona.Kabla pia ununue samba piga roundi hapo na uonglese neibors watakuambia mambo mengi kuhusu iyo samba.Halafu zuia kulipa once, lipa na instalments kama uko na shuku.

Thanks. Although staki ya kubuy. Ni family property nafuatilia. Need to place a caveat but sina parcel numbers

Tafuta surveyor akununulie map ya hapo.Kupata title number after that ni rahisi…ndio uweke caution

I will try that. Since the properties are in three counties and scattered everywhere, but I know where they are.

Oya, tafuta wakili na ushike yeye mukono…
Atakujenga… One of the miseries of life is that pipo in africa live life without a personal lawyer, doctor, architect, etc on speed dial… Hugwesi toboa…
Don’t sign anything unless you have it on audio explaining clauses you don’t understand… Sawa?


Sawa bro

pata a good lawyer proof your interest either buyer or inheritor through lawyer pigs caveat ama caution

@Ziggy Stardust ulisaidika kaka, tupe feedback. Im currently in the same processes.

Oya, niaje. Yeah, I found several using plot nos, mostly land. I got a contact in Land Registry ya Kisumu who’s been doing searches. Nangoja survey sasa. However, my old man had lots of stuff so those without nos are still unknown. I got referred to a spook at EAC who apparently just needs the ID to find ALL accounts and properties. If this works for the unknown stuff I’ll hook you up. Unataka kusaidika town gani btw, might have a contact there.

Im in nairobi. Im also trying to trace properties za mzee and moms. I came across one belonging to moms and applied a caution 4 weeks back, yet lawyer says it hasnt gone through. Do cautions take this long if you may know?

And the spook you say at eac, has he delivered yet?

@Ziggy Stardust My bad, in the case the spook delivers, let us know. seems that would be the easiest route to tracing a deceased properties and accounts.

Will do man, cheers