land buying options for family home ,syokimau vs katani vs ruiru

Guys i need some advice,within the environs of nairobi which is the best place to buy and build a house for my family with a budget ya 3.5m,I have shortlisted the above but open to better suggestions

It depends. Where do you work??

3.5 for land or for land+building?

Uko serious gathee?? Ulikuwa Kenya last lini juu I can tell that you are living in the 90s.

@sani is also asking the same question you are asking him. Lakini ata kama alikua Kenya in the 90s he surely knows about inflation, his salary and earnings should reflect that, otherwise thats a joker.

3.5m is 10 acres huko mau forest. So understand where he is coming from.

the 3.5m is for the land how can you build with 3.5m na wewe pia kua serious and I am a remote worker so no issue with the locations for the foreseable future

nope land alone chief

Kuja katani nikushike 2.5m 50x100

you can get a house in Kitengela for that price in a small estate

3.5 should be syokimau not katani
kamakis corner you can get plots near eastern bypass for the price
or ruiru-kamiti and membley and nearby estates

for slighltly more, you can by one at the varsityville estate near ruiru bypass

he does not want kitengela
I wouldnt prefer kite if I am self-driving to work … jam ni shida
imagine wasting an extra 2 hours and fuel in hectic jam everyday for your entire career

Should try Ruiru - Githunguri road or Kimbo - Kiganjo road .
The have a residential setup compared to the likes of corner which is now commercial .
Also the two areas I have indicated will most probably be red soil and well drained .

Use the Expressway or train from kitengela. Also who said everyone works hapo cbd? Many people work huko Mombasa Rd, cement factories huko athi river, jkia, industrial area etc.

Katani coz of the Express Way but I prefer Ngong coz of the climate

that road will be dualled very soon. mark my words

Enda Ruiru. There are very picturesque areas along Githunguri road. And you can tell people you live behind Tatu City :D:D
And the weather is much tolerable than those other Ukambani areas you’ve listed.

I would have agreed if the expressway was not built
dualling of nairobi mombasa highway is a pipe dream (too expensive for our debt-laden economy)

if someone is considering ruiru and syokimau katani and has a budget of 3.5m, their job is probably centrally located (town/westie) or remote and would not consider trains
Mlolongo to westie and back via expressway is 720 bob DAILY

You are speaking as who? Do you have contacts in government? I don’t do pseudo intellectualism