Lamu Attack

How many soldiers lost their lives?
I can count 4

I expected more… Kenyan government always hides no. Of dead soldiers or police… I have never known the reason for this shit yet we have tech everwhere.


Nobody remembered the soldiers and everyone was happy abt the government. I remember a thread here that people were just praising government forgeting the soldiers and their families

I personally think its not possible for the govt to hide soldiers death, the fallen soldiers do ve families & i doubt they can be bribed to keep quiet…

The president visited the injured in hospital and gave a speech praising the lost ones for putting up a gallant fight.

aren’t some people trying too hard to put a negative spin to the incident: “I can count 4”- you wanted 40?, 400?

traditionally, the armies of the world do not go broadcasting their casualties; bad for morale, you know. Modern mass communications have however negated that…

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We might have lost more than 2 soldiers, might have been 4 or 6 soldiers, maybe even 10! What matters is that they put their lives where their mouths are. And for that they are heroes.


As somebody put it, counting the number of casualties in the comfort of sabina joy holding your tusker isn’t really helpful to the situation.

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I wish alshaabab targeted traffic police.

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Ha ha, what do you have against traffic police? And the way they are generous with their loot at the end of the day. I have some friends there and let me tell you those guys can buy beer.

One would expect that they would put the bribe money they rake in to good use, what with all the malicious verve they extort it with. Alchohol? Women? smh

controlling the flow of information is a key aspect of psyops

I thought you were a prayer warrior

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Even prayer worriors hate the popo.


But they are getting paid for it… Right?

Those of you criticising the government would be shitting in their pants if they were told to be a soldier for a day and taken to lamu to fight the kebab boys

i assume you have parents, at least a mother. what would you consider fair payment for someone to take her life? when you talk of our soldiers as if it is just ok if they get killed because they get paid for it is just immoral. how much gold would you give that young widow i saw on tv to replace the husband she lost, the father of her child. How much would replace the son for the aging old man, the soldier’s father? That young soldier (he had just served for a year for God’s sake!) died so that the rest of us are safe. he was not some mamluk paid to kill.


My friend, there is no amount that could be equated to such selfless sacrifice, they are good enough to operate weapons of various kinds, to learn tactics of war, to survive in the wild and in hostile environments, do you imagine they are incapable of being like you, an ordinary citizen doing juakali Jobs, or be in business, or train to be a teacher, or drivers or whatever jobs out there?

We have to learn to appreciate each other, to each his own. Monetary gains will never be enough for some professions for we are not all equal, some are more equal than others.