Lakini ni ukweli



Rudisha mapenzi Nyumbani…how do you land on such pages? Hii umama pris stop! Hii muchene inaumiza kichwa!

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kwani malware wanazaliwa wajinga namna gani siku hizi?


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huyo Roselyne Wandetto ako na ndeto

na anafikiri analipwa kufanya kazi gani…a working girl with an attitude

hata mimi siwezi kulipia dame keja buy her a tecno F6 expensive clothes and perfume take jer to Kempinski amd still sweat to give her an orgasm. she must earn her keep. we do reverse cowgirl I lie there puffing on my ndukulu as she huffs and puffs iko nene



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Hapo sawa. It’s not like you will earn interest from pounding that punani. Better focus your mind on share prices, dollar exchange rates, plot values etc In any case, the value of pussy will not increase after ten years because it is a depreciating asset.

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the reason most poor jamaas pound these mamas is coz they get paid in kind…either kununuliwa pombe, rent, pocket money etc…yaani u got to sweat for that money. otherwise these chics are forgetting that most of these rich lazy guys they are complaining about were poor at some point n used to rarua mpaka blisters zinatoka

Eeehhh…not necessarily even single guys huraruwa nyau like their lives depend on it…wiki mzima unaumwa na back, miguu, mikono and the jaws(tj)…

Is that sex or a wrestling match??

more like an act of war

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Try being on ka dry spell then you angukia…:D…u’ll pull all zi porn moves you jua…

:smiley: :D:D:D:D:D

halafu hata position ya doggy haelewi, una struggle kumdirect for a perfect penetration for her benefits and she doesnt even know how to ride a dyk…bitch please atleast learn how to ride a dick


Fuck you all!

Hapana letea sisi feelings zako za monday blues.