Lakini kusema tu ukweliiii, huyu mzee kwani alikua idle aje?

Najua tulikua tunamuita Village Idler, but still, this is shocking.


Yaani the bugger hasn’t posted for like 6 months, but he’s still the talker with the highest number of posts. I joined Kenyatalk in September 2015, six months after him. So we’ve been active for the same amount of time.

Here’s the amazing part folks. As you all know, I’m a 9k salo’d cyber attendant, so I can spend up to 16 hours per day yapping here on Ktalk. Mimi na hii kiherehere yangu ya kupost daily, na ku-comment ovyo ovyo kwa threads zingine, I’ve only managed a total of 6,370 messages since 2015. Even @TrumanCapote with her 37 threads per day and 2,976 comments per thread is yet to hit 10,000 total messages.

Sasa my question is: EXACTLY HOW FUCKING IDLE DOES ONE NEED TO BE TO HAVE 47,000 POSTS??? Eish, mimi nimeshangaa.

Ktalk ni ya wenyewe.Apana shangaa kama kuku mgeni

Uki comment kila post

Kwani huyu jamaa amekuwa recalled?


Gashui would respond to all threads

Wewe Captain Obvious unakuanga douche bag but enyewe this is a stunning findings. Seems like dude was posting every single hour.

@administrator pea huyu kijana village sponyo awache kutusumbua like amekatazwa kuingia mbinguni. The guy may breakdown during lock down vhane. Male fragile ego mtu anatafuta cheo in a virtual world?

For me I am here to push my own agenda that is Christianity and feminism. And have some laughs once in a green moon.And get news and info. Unless kuna sitting allowances, I don’t give a rat’s ass. You can even rudisha me to guest. See if it affects me in any form, size or shape. Me bora hunilishi, the devil may care about your titles but not me. Borrow a leaf from me. Come, post, laugh, learn and leave the ego massage to your gfs. Huku hakuna mtu wa ego massage. Ama travel agent wa ego trips.

@gashwin File
Joined 2nd March 2015
Last post 2nd November 2019
Days in between 1706 days
Posts 47000
Average post per day 28:eek::eek::eek::eek:

Jamaa wa cyber, unatafuta nini Kwa server .

By your own admission you have 7 or so v active handles. Give us a tally of all your posts before thinking about Gashwin who is still very much around using other handles…

All my handles combined wouldn’t hit 10,000 posts total. So if he has other handles then it’s even more shocking. Wewe kwanza sielewi unakazana nini kuniambia mambo ya multihandling? Si you’ve had three handles so far that we’re aware of? Ms Finest wine, Mrs Shosho na hii? So unaumwa nini madam?

Siumwi hata kidogo…why should I and yes the above are my handles…not a secret around here. I could ask you the same about unaumwa na posts za Gashwin kwa nini but I won’t. Mine have never been in use at the same time. Never. Wekelea yours pls…

Si umwi, I’m just trying to understand those mind boggling figures.

I don’t have to, and I won’t. I’m not answerable to you ma’am, capisce?

Yes hihihi. Don’t burst a vein. Let me keep wondering why you are bothered by his posts and supposed idleness. Those figures were not cooked. He was online from dawn till dusk answering almost every post. And he is not the ONLY one. He mainly used the Gashwin handle.

Don’t flatter yourself. Nothing you say could bother me, let alone “burst a vein”. I’m a veteran in these streets, I take all challenges head on. What I’m doing right now is just engaging in harmless banter with a bored housewife.

Usifikirie ume bahatika. Ngoja Corona iishe ndio tukutairishe.

Hihihi…all vvv good for you… Ave a good day.

Gashui was the most active talker of all times. Even in the other kijiji, he is as active as he was here. Given the fact that he is a teacher, I wonder what time he teaches his students.

Pls wacha kumharibia jina. He has told you guys many times he is not a teacher. You guys bestowed him the title because he corrects grammatical mistakes. Deeeem I have been here for a shorter time than you and can put together what he does for a living from what he said.

What I am finding hard to comprehend is why there is a thread about him on a forum he does not really actively contribute.???

Shifo, I have a memory the size of an elephant. I once read you there asking him to come and defend his handle on a thread here and he calmly told you no. I could search for that thread but I don’t visit that site.

A bunch of men talking about a man on another forum???