Lake Victoria Water Hyacinth Problem = Distracted Leadership

When people get too focused on activities that cannot improve the wellbeing of the people they fail to spot the opportunities that can turn around the fortunes of a region.

Why are the young people always being engaged to do demos instead of been directed at gainful employment harvesting the Water Hyacinth, which threaten the livelihood of many fishermen?

Let’s have a look at what industry would rise from the ashes;

  1.  The weed is an excellent source of biomass[B] Bioenergy [/B]– A bioenergy plant powering the town of Kisumu and a future stop point for an electric train.
  2.  The plant is also used as animal feed and ashes are used as fertilizer, also ideal for composting – Animal feed and organic fertiliser plants
  3.  Water hyacinths has been used for paper production – a resource for Webuye paper mill
  4.  Water hyacinth can also be used to aid the process of water purification either for drinking water or for liquid effluent from sewage systems.

== Thousands of Jobs, improved quality of living and cessation of false promises.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. (Proverbs 29:18)

All taxes goes to the govt…


they are too marginalised to do anything. all the funding they get from central government is only enough to fund RAT’s campaigns

But throwing stones is fun.

How will those industries run after the hyacinth is depleted?

it’s illegal to harvest/grow water Hyacinth for commercial purpose/ at industrial scale in Kenya, to discourage its spread.
They should clean up the lake though to open the blue Economy there

ule jamaa wa kurarua tent kama ni water hyacinth agekua anashughulikia iyo design he have easily harvested an acre.

besides hyacinth ni yetu, siwaende wakamalize jiggers

As long as raw sewage is disposed in the lake, the hyacinth menace will still remain.

Why do you think tea and other crops are not depleted?

A few years a go there was an embargo on tree cutting due to deforestation, forestry management had failed to adequately manage forest resources over many years, the embargo allowed for reforestation.

The moment the Water hyacinth transitions from a weed to plant\crop which is economically viable, it can ceases to be a nefarious weed and becomes a plant which is maintained and managed allowing it to coexist with fishing and clear waterways. Unlike other crops it is self-propagating and does not require weeding or fertilizer.

It currently grows in an uncontrolled way choking the lake. In South-East Asia, integrated fish-pig-water hyacinth farming systems have been developed in order to increase global animal production.


You start controlled cultivation of the scourge.

Hii hyacinth ndio walevi walikuwa wanauziwa kama flowers Nairobi at some point lol

Do we have laws that allow growing and harvesting of hyacinth for commercial purposes?

wapige hyacinth mawe

The law is made by man for man, new laws are enacted to keep up with the changes and challenges of the times.