Lake Nakuru chopper crash update...

Apparently, the bodies of Mapozi John and Sam Gitau were never found following the chopper crash at Lake Nakuru and the search was called off

I understand the family, friends and the county government will hold a memorial service by the Lakeside on 10th… It must be hard to lose a loved one and not get the body for burial R.I.P.

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Very sad as family does not have closure. Just wondering if the insurance pays compensation in such cases where bodies were not recovered?

This was different, yours was a case of ‘BABA’ dog eating its own puppies.

I think the family can go to court to have them declared dead after a certain period of time lapses to allow for everything else to take place i.e. insurance, access to bank accounts, m-pesa, succession if any

We must recognize that the suffering of one family or one nation is the suffering of humanity. That the happiness of one family or nation is the happiness of humanity.

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Yaani ma vijana walikua 26 and 23 years respectively na walikua washa kafunga… What am I doing wrongly? :eek::eek::eek:

Very sad, saddest part hawakua na watoto

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