Lake Naivasha Panorama

First of all thanks to all the talkers who contributed to my thread about the best places to go for a family day out in Naivasha. Asande sana @ol monk for your fantastic suggestion to try Panorama, trust me that place is wow! Was there yesterday after church and I loved it to bits, problem is I got a mpango wa kando ndani ya swimo but my baby mama was there amekodoa macho though contacts nilipata. Thats a story for another day. Watu wa KEB mbisha iko hapo below.

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So you heed my advice…nice!!

Hehe, ilibidi though umekazia hio kitu yako sana kabisa

looks nice

The place looks nice…

Siku hizi TIG ume reform , u even complement and all

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Nice family place

Nitakupeleka kwa hizo manyatta ni kupakulie zote!!!

Looks fantastic! What are the rates and the specific location?
I would love to hit it @Twangapepeta

Hiyo MWK lazima akue ni huyo MIB(Momo in Black)

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they dont sell alcoholic drinks

@Deorro, its either here the least or Enashapai the most. What you say?

Does checking into the rooms require a marriage certificate?

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reason i skipped it on my tour of the greatlakes region, nilienda fish eagle i still loved the place tho it has too many asians


The View made it for me

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yeap, they seem to draw a gun on u at the slightest provocation


What are the charges?
Entrance, a plate of chips, a small soda, a bottle of tusker, swimming pool, swimming costume, room?

they don’t sell alchohol

I also benefited from the suggestions.

Hence I Left Nairobi at 13:00hrs on Saturday, stopped kwa Delemare for late lunch (Mutton curry na Hanan very nice). Then Buffalo Mall for iced coffee. . Spent one night at Oloiden lake (camping 2500 for two people) and another night at Crater lake Camp (Banda, 19,000 for two people). Visited the Crescent Island on Lake Naivasha and the Olkaria Spa.
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