Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda

This place look amazing


wooow, its beautiful, weka hii picha uko twitter na utag arap mashamba uone kama hataanza nego na m7 waexchange hii na migingo


Waaah ntapeleka @mary huku on valentine;):slight_smile:

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Awesome!! Sasa weka accommodation prices of boarding houses nearby, how wwe can get there, what is the best time, where we can sample local variety, e.t.c

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Fantabulous place! And looks like the best was to go to that place is flying Kigali via JKIA, then a 4hrs drive from there. Any other better means available?

I would give it a try.Which are the best times to visit the place?


Not so cheap!


Uganda is a 4th world country I am sure kuna keja za Ik kenya money around hapo tu.

I hope the Island by the name “Migingo” is equally amazing.Help a brother with photos since am neither a Kenyan nor a Ugandan. I understand it’s owned by either

nta visit

pesa ngapi?

Eish…how much for an island there?

You just read my mind, hapo watapata wateja kutoka Kenya soon if it hasn’t happened already.

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This is an ideal paradise!


Hio safari inataka 100k minimum for a return ticket, taxi and a decent stay for like 3 nights…

hio ni multibet ya team 20 pale betin

Ukiwin jackpot unaanzia Bunyonyi kabla uende hawaii

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