Laikipia Siblings re-unite after 14 year separation

Doldol town in Laikipia North was the scene of a teary reunion between two siblings who had been separated for 14 years.

The two siblings, Susan Wangui and Patrick Kanyora, were an emotional wreck as they embraced each other with tears streaming down their cheeks for what seemed like an eternity.

“I did not know my sister would remember me. She was tiny when we separated and we could barely comprehend a thing,” a teary-eyed Kanyora disclosed to The Standard.
Theirs is a story of seemingly insurmountable odds after they were abandoned in the streets of Nyeri with Kanyora aged just six while his sister was 4 years old.

Left to fend for themselves, Kanyora took on the role of his sisters’ protector up until they were rounded up by the police and handed over to the Children’s department who transferred them to Nyeri Juvenile Home.

As fate would have it, the two inseparable siblings were then admitted to Kids Alive Children’s home in 2004 where they were forced to separate as the facility didn’t allow a mixed-gender setup.

The situation got worse three years later when Kanyora was moved to another facility in Naromoru and he never got a chance to say goodbye.

It was while at the Naromoru home that Kanyora informed the authorities about the sister he had left behind and fate was smiled on them briefly as the management was able to trace Wangui, and ferried her to Naromoru.

However, as they lacked documentation, a change in management at the home led to their separation once again, only that this time their separation lasted for 14 years.

Emotions ran high after their latest reunion as Kanyora asserted that he’d never let his sister out of his sight ever again.

“I want to take care of my sister after college, and together, we’d like to find closure by finding out why our parents abandoned us in the streets,” he divulged.

Hapa wazee wa family na mtaa wawe macho sana kuzuia incest. Genetic Sexual Attraction is real and on the rise - …

Some researchers have hypothesised, however, that an effect in infancy protects against GSA. When families live closely together, they become desensitised to each other as sexual prospects. This desensitisation effect is said to happen between birth and age six. Without it, and when relatives meet later in life, GSA can occur. Evidence from the Post-Adoption Centre and University College London suggests that GSA it happens in 50 percent of reunion cases.

Relax, hio hua ugonjwa ya wazungu tu

Like they say, shit happens.

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Wazee wa family na mtaa walikuwa wapi wakati hawa watoto walikuwa kwa streets? Meffi wewe.

Mjinga wewe! Don’t you give people second chances to correct their mistakes?

People who abandoned you for 14+ years? No! Ghaseer.

The parents need to explain to them why they did what they did. And why they never bothered to look for them. Washindwe.:frowning:


NEVER CHIETH GUOK Kabisa…If You cannot be there at the most critical child development stage.NEVER Show up latter… Ghosting for over 5 yrs kids is unacceptable…

NA WATU WA CENDRO, NOTE si kwa ubaya, ni ukweli, karibu nisahau EASTERN pia

unafik wa hali ya juu…same way cousins hutokea wengi kusaidia mazishi na wanaprint t-shirts za RIP but marehemu alipohitaji kuenda hosi simu zilikuwa engaged

Reminds me of those sad movies KBC used to rewind every holiday , After the promise and broken promise

heh…na wewe ni kazae

What happened to those lookalikes who discovered each other?

am curious too…though DNA results are supposed to be a private thing unless the parties involved give consent of disclosure…i think they were advised not to disclose.hell even reporting to the public about intending to do a dna test was supposed to be private…lakini si unajua kiherere ya githeri media