Lagos Marathon : Pesa ya Buroti


[FONT=verdana][SIZE=4]A guy and his mWomans finished 33rd and 14th respectively. The title has to append Nigerian in “First Nigerians” because, as you know, marathons like these ones are won by retired or obscure relatively unknown random Kenyans. A Kenyan Hawker in Lagos could run and win this isht. Anyway, David Barmasai and Sharon Cherop (who tha heck is she ?) won a few hours ago.


[FONT=verdana][SIZE=4]Barmasai gets 50,000 USD
5 mirrions buroti maguta maguta jamaa atanunua. kazi ya 2 hours pale Niggeragua.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Oga Tumo

Ogas cant win in more than 200 metres race

Nigerians are heavily built and can’t run marathons. They are suited for short races/ sprints.

The guy and his wife are from Plateau State. Their body types and environment is more like Maasai Land. They should ignore the muscle-bound Yorubas and Igbos and invest in people from their Midlands and North, if they want to get anything in Long distance running. One thing I usually wonder is why those heavy ones cant even play Rugby to save their lives.

Not true. Nigerians have the same wide variety of physiques as Kenyans. Indeed most Nigerians you will meet have average physique, even including their sprinters.

It is Cameroonians that are massive

Kuna Judoka and instructor in-law wangu amekauka manze sjui nini

akina Francis Ngannou