Oh no I cant stand it! women like Georgina Ciothambutu makena have flooding my inbox asking whether that fine specimen is really me. Infact purple immediately promoted me to village elder 2 seconds after changing my profile pic yesterday, I was a senior villager for the longest time in this kijiji.

Girls all around this forum keep asking me this question- O amazing, fantastic great il magnifico is that you ? me: Yes
All girls in unison: o great Herod thou art a glorious piece of art.

Where do people like you come from?

Nyandua nyandu nyandu buana

You become an Elder when you get 500 likes ghaseer

This guy is @Weird Nightmares and @The ghost who walks rolled into one

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Parents using cheap condoms

Tuachishe bangi.

U are as stupid humbwer Ya manispaa, kukua elder you think is anything yet no one knows or gives a shit about you? Secondly umekunywa ARVs ukajenga u think u will impress purple and she has a regular tree huko mayuu na wewe unachana jaba muthurwa?

Maliza hii Ghaseer.

:D:DIts my duty kukemea pepo ya ufala Kwa kijiji

Your parents didn’t have the option to wear one.

It’s points not likes,100 points you are an elder. Ghaseer!


Is that you :cool:

Malizaneni ghasia mbili.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Sadly nor did yours.