Ive seen a post of a girl unconscious being dumped on a roadside in Roy Sambu by a man probably after having his way with her. Please mamas can we just respect ourselves. Pubs and clubs are very dangerous places and really its no place for any self respecting woman. First of all let me say Ive never drank alcohol,been to any pub or any club and Ive not died. Instead Ive avoided all kinds of predators found in such places. I have a 50yr old uncle who has been drugged unconscious like 10 times mpaka kwa local. Now this is a man who parties every weekend since he could walk,sasa wewe a woman what do you expect to happen when you go to this places? I dont need to spell out the kind of danger you are putting yourself in. Not to mention shisha second hand smoke which like smoking 200 cigarettes.This places are the devil’s footstool. Just go to your house order a bottle of wine if you really must drink though its terrible for your brain and skin cells and liver and kidney. But atleast all you will be nursing the next day is hangover not some nasty disease or bruises or pregnancy or your video of gang rape while you’re unconscious going round the net or missing kidneys.Or waking up on the road side half naked . I mean leave this bad bad habits to the men. We women are better than this. Dont go to any pu or club even with your bf , let him go alone, akitaka kukuona akupeleke a decent place not that den of disease and all kinds of predators. Clubbing,pubbing,drinking,sleeping around and having enough sex partners in the name of boyfriends is not a necessary rite of passage.You dont need it and it adds no value to you or your reputation. And am saying this from experience , am a mature woman who has never entered a pub,club , had premarital sex or drank or smoked a cigarette let alone shishas. And thanks to that I have no baggage and ugly eperiences to remember about my youth. There is no fun in endangering yourself in clubs n pubs bcz your agemates are doing it. Please just stop this. Respect yourself. A woman is a delicate creature wacha kustoop to men’s level.

We tend to say men are this or women are this. Doesnt make sense to me. Every human is defferent in their own way. It should be general advice to all. Even men are victims at times too

o_OUansaound kama those annoying mama wa chama

Who has the strength to read through this weak ass bullshit…am sure she is playing the women are weak card yet men also get drugged and robbed on the daily na unlike bitches hakunanga Joan de arc to their white knights to save your ass…atleast yo bitches can be saved by a honest ( not saying all) but some men save these hoes with no strings attached …but for a nigga unaamka kwa mtaro na one gives a fuck.
Oh you thought this was gonna be some bitch shit cry for help am saying what about us men …why don’t y’all care about us huh?when am.drunk I want to wake up in my pee on some good Samaritans bed…

‘kustoop to men’s level’ [ATTACH=full]127975[/ATTACH] meaniiiiiiiing…

You sound like a bitter aunt who will castigate teenager girls from teenage boys yet she has been to a million relationships.
Whether you drink,smoke,faq or do other things you have written is a personal choice. You will never get out of this world alive anyway.

Another one from Georgina Makende :smiley:

Upuss. Umesumbua sana this week.


You are assuming the poor girl went clubbing. You have no facts to this effect… But I concur with some of what you are opining

Niko kwa chama kadha and me ni mama

Ive been to a million relationships? Huko ni wapi? Ive never been there but ukichora map neza consider

Aki nikiacha kupost hizi misomo, mtakosa mtu wa kudiss


Tell em there levels to this shit


Then how can this be from experience?
I am willing to bet that the pink handles in this village do not visit the kind of places you depicted above.
Rape? Missing organs ? Random sex? Cheapening ourselves?
I cannot relate to such.

The only part I agree with you wholeheartedly is the fact that with time alcohol and the rest are detrimental to our health.

Please don’t take my post as an attack , I am speaking as a woman who has actual experience of pubbing.

What I meant is women are more vulnerable if my uncle was a woman drugged unconscious over 10 times its not just money and valuables thatd have been lost. Although I heard theres some homo group who look for solo men in pubs ,one of them sits next to that man, comments of football so they look like theyre together, mchele, then they ccaryy the guy to a cub,take him t their hideout and they all sodomise him then they dump him somewea by the roadside. Ive also heard a workmate say he was told he’s given a fake note by management ya pub flani bcz he was alone ,they asked him for bribes and wouldnt let him go till he paid up . Pubs and clubs are dens of predators, people of the night,looking to score,either your body or your mney and valuables or both

Kwanini mnaogopa attacking her/him. Was @Ngima nene na nyeni banned for this allegation?

Someone please give this woman a Dick!!! Aki nimeshoka!!!