Ladies say NO to struggle love

Women nowadays are too desperate to be in relationships or marriages that they will link up with practically any guy.

Recently a friend who is in a Come we stay and has 3 kids by the guy who has never had a job or run a successful business just mama’s boy gave him money he requested for operations of a crop. After harvesting the guy made alot of money but disappeared with it. He did not even refund her money. This guy is just one disappointment after the other. But mama is holding on to his sorry ass. I don’t know how many times I done told her stop entertaining this nonsense in your life. Yaani nimechoka kusikia stories from women who are in struggle relationshits. It’s like listening to a drug addict aki. Me nikinusa tuu stress wacha kuona, kunusa, nigah I will block you hadi kwa email. My government is stressing me enough with China loans. I am in a county with no governor, no deputy and an embattled speaker. Sasa ni wewe utanikula kichwa ama ni deni ya China? The problems in this country are enough stress for me I don’t need more.

I like this woman’s words

You are not a rehab for badly raised men.

Da Queen Herself Shera Seven. I love this woman

21 years wasted. Ain’t it just better to stay single instead of wasting your life on a loser, a broke ass, a user, an abuser?

Stop investing in dead end situationships

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