Ladies read this

Separated, divorced, single, and the rebound entanglements.

Truth be told, rebound entanglements are as toxic as toxic relationships, it has become the norm to read in the news of murders occurring, sad to note that majority come with a tag, “was divorced” “was separated”.

A rebound entanglement is one that occurs quickly after a breakup. People often get into rebound entanglements because they are trying to mask the pain of a broken heart. However, we have to look at the entire picture. These rebound entanglements may numb your pain, expose your vulnerability, expose you to worse demons than your previous toxic relationship, it’s a pattern that has to break, and that can only happen if you reward yourself with “Time” time to take the healing journey.

When your heart is broken, you are automatically in a vulnerable state. This puts you in a position to be emotionally financially, mentally and sexually manipulated.

Vulnerable and needy feelings are natural, especially after a bad breakup, but you must fight the temptations to be involved in a rebound entanglement, because you will be manipulated. Your heart will be open to anything that will mask your pain and help you feel better.

You expose yourself to anything that is toxic, as you are emotionally vulnerable, this is a very critical time, as you are very needy, broken, damaged, those that are evil can smell your vulnerability from a far, chances of attracting, the same demon in a different body, are on a super high! as your vibrations are weak, vulnerable and needy!

I personally from my own experience, have come to respect and acknowledge healing, the only way to get your power back, is to sit and have a meeting with self, healing is the biggest most amazing gift I gave myself, dealing with my demons and the other persons, breaking the pattern of attracting the same demon is another body, changing my vibrations, healing gave me an awakening, it gave me clarity, it gave me the true sense of belonging, it gave me the power to stop anyone touching my soul with their dirty hands.

Here are some tools that helped in the journey of healing.

  1. Evaluate the last relationship. Take time to measure & evaluate what went wrong in the last relationship and what you can do better for the next one.

  2. Evaluate yourself. Look in the mirror and judge yourself, because none of us are perfect in any relationship. No failure is based on one person. We’re all participators of our own pain and problems.

  3. Take your time and heal. Don’t rush!

  4. Learn to be happy alone.

  5. Learn to seek out the core issues of your pain.

  6. Get some space. There is no need to turn to someone else to replace and fulfil something in you that only God can do, learn to have conversations with God

  7. Forgive. Forgiveness brings closure and cleansing to your heart. If you rush into another relationship, you are not cleansing or bringing closure.

  8. Reboot, reset, unlearn your unhealthy patterns.

  9. Sit with it! Don’t run, sit with it!

  10. Set clear marked boundaries

  11. The power to say No! Or Yes! This has been my most powerful tool

  12. Dignify and honor self!

  13. Cleanse you soul, of the anger, bitterness, resentment

  14. Align yourself with the circle of life

  15. Live, laugh, Love, the best gift you can give self

  16. Always Remember, rebound relationships are an attempt to seek a quick fix to a problem that cannot be instantly solved. They are never fair to you or the other person.

  17. Heal, heal, so that no one will ever touch your soul with their dirty hands again, if you don’t break the toxic cycle, you will spin yourself to your grave!

Rebounds entanglements are not relationships! Majority of times, they end up in another bucketful of premium tears, or your graveyard!