Ladies love to be ass fucked

They’ll only complain the first time cos it’s still too tight. Once the unveiling is compete they want you to do it again and again. Fuck a chic in the ass and she’ll never leave you. Just ask @Maryk or @Phylgee or the other slay queens here. It’s the in thing, they say.

Please don’t tag me in gay posts…



Gay detected


Jah 4bid


wankle sumbuliwa na defaulters pore pore uache kusumbua

Mworia Wameru grow up. Uko na ujinga sana :mad::mad:


Double Standards za elders tu. TLS akiwaekea hekaya mbona humnuni?

Haikosi ulisomea Don Posco pale embu

gay chieth

get out of the closet…

Kutomba mkundu ni sawa na kutomba sewage …chei!!! Nijikute

ugh! you are so gay stupid idiot,

Mikono huwa wapi Wen on doggy mode.try simple things like thumbing her ass trust me she’s gonna enjoy try the same na decki and thank me later

Tell 'em, man