Ladies love attention.

Na hawa viumbe wanapenda kubembelezwa aisee.

hapo umesema sana, whatever you do, haiwatoshi mpaka uanze kubembelezaa hapa na pale. i always tell her, even if i put the moon on my right hand and the sun on the left hand, pia haitoshi.

I don’t play that game.

:D:D:D:D…Kuna time when am on the phone nikiongeleshwa najifanya siskii,ile kelele inafuata after hapo.

Angusha hekaya yote

Cunt relay

of course you are g*y…

Chapa hio mwanamke kama burukenge and thank me later

hamna hekaya…its an observation.:D:D

Mbona bwana chapati?

I don’t prefer violence…

jameni si ww umesema you cant relate ,pengine you have different interests in a different species than the one I mentioned in my subject matter.:smiley:

If you need to beat her to make her respect you then it’s time to quit the relationship.

You’re wrong,I only implied cant bembeleza…

mimi hujifanya network coverage low nabakia halo halo halo mbona siskiii:D halafu unaskia hizo mmmhh mmmhhh

mwanamke sio tambaraa au burukenge,

kuna wakati ndio,unakua mkali kidogo,lakini wakati mwingi hawa wanawake wanataka tu kubembelezwa kama watoto.

Kama unaeza fafanua kwa upani kiasi,wakti wa kubebembeleza ni upi haswa?

kweli kabisa, lakini hapana legeza kambaa … check this doc i found, maybe it can help you, it did for me !!! 10 calls per day napigiwa

[CENTER][SIZE=5]Dear men, beating up ladies is old fashioned. Here are alternatives to punish her.[/SIZE][/CENTER]

Men tend to be violent when their women mess up. They take authority on their hands and end up beating up their ladies. Come on man, this is outdated. Mistakes can be punished by several means. You can end up being a victim of batter or even assault. Here are the amicable ways of punishing your woman.

  1. Go quiet to her. Avoid replying to her texts and stop picking her calls. This is always the best form of punishment. It’s actually more than beating. It’s a mental torture. Going silent is the best punishment as she will never know your intentions. She will keep worrying and thinking about your next step.

  2. Withdraw your attention from her. If she pisses you off, don’t beat her up, give her less attention. Let your eyes go far from her. If you used to call then make a halt. Stop texting her and show her your other side. Make your interest fade away from her. It’s a more mature way of punishing ladies. She will get worried and come back to you.

  3. Be dismissive to her boring and annoying topics. This involves taking out the funny beliefs off her Mids. Change the topic anytime you realize she’s beginning to piss you off.

  4. Give her your piece of mind. Put her in her place by talking firmly. Be stern and firm when addressing her. Don’t smile around or else she may assume you are joking. Tell her what she never expects from you. Don’t fear losing her. She will realise her mistake and will behave apologetic.[/SIZE]