Ladies, ladies, LADIES abstinence is the best way to avoid such problems

What is this world coming to, apparently even the paternal grandparents and the father do not want the baby. So sad.

Abstinence cannot work In women. Pressures have to be released.

Which pressure is this? Have you seen anyone bursting bcz pressure has not been released?

Most inners za ladies huwanga zimechomeka.
That is the pressure that is being talked about.

Sasa huyu mama alipelekea her baby daddy new gf parents the baby after jamaa kumuacha. Now she’s going to jail for endangering the life of a minor. Where will she take her pressure akienda jela where there’s no men to decompress her?

Vagina is acidic environment to kill sperm ndio huchoma inners. Even if you have sex for a living that doesn’t change. Stop making observations based on ignorance.

Condoms are very cheap and effective