Ladies kujeni:Let's learn something about Giving vs Receiving

I am actually surprised that women until now have never learnt anything from men. A man will have you jailed for taking /conning/stealing /not paying for his money like one @Bachelor or the Luo guy who killed ule mama aliuliwa over not honoring a deal awhile back. Catherine Wanjiku.

Meanwhile women na huruma mingi na umama you can not even follow through to lock up your worker. A friend of mine had a caretaker who hiked rents and collected for about a year b4 she found out after few visits to police she just let the case go.

If I was to count for you how many women I know have taken loans or done joint things and been conned Keitany Linturi style in millions, I can’t finish them today. They are too many.

Theft by servant. Name it. Women let go of alot of things. They are so giving and quick to forgive that’s why all conmen focus on women.

Meanwhile men even a packet of chips, some alcohol, a perfume, a phone, pesa kidogo is enough to make a man kill you in the most barberic way. Sometimes even if you have a child or children, he’d rather his kid grows up with no mom than forgive you.

So when I tell women to be very mean to men, it’s not because I don’t know that God created women wakiwa na huruma ile ya mama. It’s because too protect yourself from exploitation and alot of pain and problems in life, you have to think like a man.

IIf I can do it, Mother Teresa can do it bcz I am very compassionate but I have trained myself to stop it bcz it will get me into trouble coz the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I am tthose people who give street kids sweets, buy them apples, always feel it when I see them in the streets especially in cold weather but if a man asks me for 500 Bob I block him. It’s training yourself to survive in this cruel world. And I tell God ningependa sana kusaidia kila mtu but especially men just forgive me for not helping them. The man I can help is an orphan or my blood relative. Wengine unless I give you food for helping me carry things or vitu ziko excess and perishable or parking boys,I don’t. Hata chips ya Mia siwezi bcz if it is them they will throw me off a window over sex denied bcz of a packet of chips. Ukiona napea mwanaume kitu there’s something I am after. And all these things I have learnt from observing women being used by men and by seeing the reasoning of men especially toward women. It’s like they despise women and even hate them. They are malicious and want to spoil their lives.

I can’t deny many men have assisted me in one way or another. In fact men who are strangers are kind to women but shida ni wakijuana. I appreciate all the men who have really come through for me, the cops who caught me in traffic of fence but forgave me coz I am a woman. May God bless you and may you never lack.

BBut lemme say, if you are a woman and you do good things to men be it in relationships or anything else you go out of your way to help them, you are courting disaster, trouble and heartache. Always ask yourself if roles were reversed would this man do for you what you want to do for him? Would he take you to America if you were jobless, would he take a loan for you to start a business, would he pay for a date without expecting sex in return, so why s you the more vulnerable party, biologically, psychologically, culturally and in every way, go out on a limb for him, when everything in society favors him. He should be the one helping you not the other way around.

Its so hard to deprogram ourselves as women from this messiah, matryr complex we are brainwashed with from childhood to learn how to be selfish, to stop being giving, to expect more from men and to never give anything for free bcz men and society do not give us anything for free. If anything we must put in more effort than men to get something.

So let us as women learn to be self centered from men. If a man buys you 100bob chips he expects you to pay in kind, meanwhile you are taking 1M loan to give a man who has never even bought you anything even worth 20k. Hio si ni wazimu na ujinga wa hali ya juu?

MMapenzi unconditional ni ya watoto. We know men can dump their kids and the woman must struggle to raise the child bcz she does not have an option of abdicating her responsibility as a parent like a man does. So that money you want to give a man keep it for yourself and your kids and a rainy day. A man can survive easier as a poor person than you a woman. So achana na yeye apambane na hali yake. Wewe shughulikia maisha yako ya usoni na watoto wako. Mwanaume kama mamake hakumlea it’s too late for you to do it.

LLadies let not our good intentions take us to hell, even Jesus said, you must be wise as serpents. Mwanaume akikuitisha anything for free or even a loan that he says he will pay, tell him real men don’t wait for women’s help, they make their own way in the world.

PPlease if you are still suffering from giviosis ndio wanaume wa kupende, upate bwana or just helping from the goodness of your heart. Go to the restroom, take off your panty, is your sex organ for giving or receiving? If it’s for receiving unless you are gey, you should only have one way traffic. That of receiving. Don’t be caught dead giving and especially to men. The only free thing you can give a man is poison. Anything else hata iwe glass ya maji lazima agaramie. Mwanamke ni gharama, this desperation women have nowadays of paying their own dowry, moving men into their houses and taking loans for a man to marry you or stay with you will be your undoing, utatumiwa, uwachwe single mother with ulcers and HBP ukilipa loans. Let’s stop being fools in the name of love and marriage then after sacrificing every thing unaachiwa loan, watoto, unanyanganywa kila kitu ukiwa Mzee after investing your life on a man. Learn from the mistakes of others bcz these things are happening all over.

Unless I’m missing something, I believe we’re in agreement.

Kila mtu agharamie maisha yake.

What agreement is that? You use the woman for free but aende Lee kujigharamie like she did when she was single and by herself. What kind of agreement is that? What value do you add to her life? Si kila mtu akae kwake Bas. No relationship. No sex. No nothing. Everyone stays single and aendelee kujigharamia. To me that is a fair agreement.

Are you suggesting that a ‘relationship’ needs to be accompanied by monetary gain for your gender? Even if it does, I more than played my part. Mwizi ni mwizi. Stop attempting to sanitize theft. It will not work.

I don’t know if bribing police is legal in Kenya. So if you bribed cops to get your gf locked for 3 years you are also a criminal. Btw after she went to jail its like you are still bitter about what happened. Shallow victory ain’t it?

Of course, all the benefits can’t go to one side. Relationships are about meeting needs. Your parents raise you then you take care of them in their old age and you are related by blood. Why do you want to use women and not give them anything in return?

Men are full of double standards. I asked someone here why a man should be able to kill a female medical student over a phone and some money and perfume but when a woman who has hustled with a man till they make it in life kills him for trying to fleece her of her hard earned property she’s spent her entire life working for, it’s evil, but if a man throws a woman off 12th floor over a packet of chips on the first day he meets her coz she won’t have sex in his office he’s a hero. I think in red peel they would call that sollipolipstck something, basically subjective rather than objective thinking.

Anyway, if by now there’s a woman out there who hasn’t learnt what the true nature of men is by now, they deserve whatever they get at the hands of these men. I mean men are not 99% of the people on death row, in jail for life, criminals, murderers, abusers and child molesters for no reason. They have an element of evil, so if you play with a scorpion and it bites you who do you blame the scorpion?

I gotta go play with my nephew. Enjoy the rest of your day.