Ladies invest in your relationship by making sure you send good quality nudes to your men.

It has been a hard 2 weeks (pun intended) courtesy of an idiot vice Chancellor closing UoN without warning. My girl had to travel upcountry and I was bored beyond measure.
Suddenly this girl that i fucked once replied to my whatsapp status and before I know it, we have planned to hook up on Monday at my place.
The guilt was real as I was about to cheat on a very loyal girl that I love but the dick won this argument. So yesterday I get a message on WhatsApp from my girl, it’s a photo am surprised at first because the internet connection at her place is absolute shit. To my surprise it’s a fully frontal nude of her all smiling and stuff. This might sound cliché but this girl is one of the most beautiful angels I have been with.
I got all guilty and shit as this girl was thinking about my needs and the level of trust she has in me. Long story short I called off that meeting today and am going to stay loyal to my girl. So ladies invest in your relationship.

Efidense ya full frontal nude.

She sent the nude to the wrong number bro…

I have principles man. Enda pornhub.

Hahahaha WTF?? Never sent a nude in all my life… And I won’t start now or ever…

All women got thatbone nigga who hits the puthy for free… See you got thisnold flame wanting a re-match… Out of the blue… Let me tell you for free… Huyo mrembo wako pia have a side diick mahali… One life to live… Chapa vitu hadi zitoe moshi when oppotunity arise.

Dude you sound so insecure, work on that. Alafu uache ku type ka wewe ni mgonjwa.

Sweep of the year award.

Wewe utangoa makende zako in protest when you find she always had a side dick… These hoes aint loyal…

Haha You will if you meet the right guy. May you never die without sending a nude.


Hahahaha there is always that pessimistic

My man doesn’t even like nudes… Complete nudes!!! Nuh… Al die without even sending one… There’s no such thing as the right guy/right person…

Wah dude who hurt you? Tell us

Huh what kind of guy doesn’t like nudes!!!

A guy with principles… A guy who has respect for his woman (who doesn’t treat her like a porn site) a guy with morals and a guy who knows he still got his woman despite at times the distance… That’s a man who doesn’t need his woman’s nudes… He can picture her in his mind… And you know what, that’s way better than a picture!!!

your man is as gay as a rainbow on a pony wearing McDaddy shoes and lip-gloss.

[SIZE=1]im sorry but its true.[/SIZE]

your man has nudes of other chics in his phone.

Have you been with him before?? :confused:
Looks like you gay too…



Shit it sounds like I have summoned the Feminazi God here. Get off your high horse almost all people in a well alive romantic relationship send each other sexy pictures once in a while. I hate to break it to you but it’s either three things…
1.Your man is a closet gay fearing to come out.
2.He is getting his fix elsewhere that is nudes.
3.He is an outright psychopath.

Sexy pics and nudes are different… Sexy pics you may have clothes on…Anyway since you making it sound like a big deal I rest my case… I acknowledge that people are different you may like nudes but my man doesn’t… It doesn’t make him gay…

blah blah blah you’ll make us miss out on nudes with this nonsense