Ladies fighting over bedsitter dweller


KTalk MGTOWs in shambles after all their money theories are destroyed yet again! See how genuine desire looks like for a man with nothing to his name :smiley:

Wasichana hawawezi pigana bila kuongea


mwaume huwezi kosa kitu ya kutomba hata ukuwe maskini aje , niliambia @Azor Ahai akasema ni kelele. pombe na dem wa kutomba huwezi kosa hata kama hauna pesa . quality will be compromised but utamwaga na kulewa. for every kenyan man kuna 4 women so peasants mtu asikudanganye ati ooooh unda pesa ndio upate kuma. kuma ni kuma at the end of the day.

Ata mamboch wanatombwa kila siku

While that is true, the quality of pussy you access increases as your value as a man increases.
A monied man has more pussy options that some poor peasant in Kayole ceteris paribus

:D:D:D:D:D…hii ni ego issue my fren ,do something to damage a woman ego , whether you are a man or woman and she will go to the Hades and back to fuck you royally.

@Azor Ahai makes good points but they are always from his perspective and experinces. Hajatembea uku nje sana and I strongly believe he’s a no pussy getting motherfucker

But the quality of pussy when you are a peasant will be very low as compared to the quality of pussy you will get when you have money.

?? I don’t remember nikisema ukiwa msoto huwezi pata kuma. You are definitely putting words in my mouth. If you disagree leta evidence.

Watu wa Kibera hupata kuma pia. So, wewe na ki-pii @Jimit mlete hard evidence nikisema mtu hawezi pata kuma akiwa msoto. Some of this b-ull-shi.t huwa mnatype mtu alisema bila evidence.

Unless you have a tiny dick, all pussies are the same. By quality you obviously mean those who’ve put on make up.

Not really correct. Some of us hate dating monied but v boring dudes. We like guys with stories to make us laugh. Zingine you can see he is making it up as he goes along but haijalishi. Afadhali anipeleke Karura Forest we listen to the birds chirping than sitting at Ridgeways Inn kama tumeangaliana so money does not always equate to good se.x. It just means you can’t kosa some woman 24/7 while the broke guy will put in some bidii to get some. Don’t know if you get my point!

Wonder who took that awful video.

sasa anapiga dame badala akaulize bwana yake, dame hana makosa, mtu anaenda nje ndo mwenye makosa

quality means the packaging, clean shaven, you can literally eat it, no funny smell or sweat, looks ever fresh etc sio make up

Most men and women, mostly men, don’t have that line of thought. Ni kama akili huwa zimekufa. Many times you will see a nigga fighting another man for his wife. Unakaa unajiuliza what prevents the whoring wife from cheating with another nigga, and how many more niggas the husband will have to fight before he meets a savage who will beat sense into him. Most married people do not like confronting the real elephant in the room, their cheating spouse.

what is a quality pussy? the person or the body organ? or both?

I get your point well and clear.

What I am saying is that when you are a peasant the women you are likely to bang are those barmaids in dingy pubs or women of low value i.e mboches, mama nguo etc. When you are monied you will be having sex with top dollar women i.e models, corporate women, business women or even celebs. It doesnt mean you will be good at sex. Heck broke guys give better sex than the monied ones but top dollar women cant dare look their way.

Money has never equated to good sex but there are women who are willing to endure mediocre sex because at the end of the day he will provide or take her out.

You get my point.

Between a celeb like lets say Tracy Wanjiru and some mboch huko Kibera, who do you think has quality pussy??

This is a mistake most women make. They go out to ‘town’ to hunt down the accused woman. Instead of the man in their house. From then on the man’s ego balloons to the size of the Himalaya’s. Dawa is to deal with your man in your house alafu umchape IGNORE/NIL BY MOUTH. Anakaa akishindwa what went wrong??:smiley:

Celebs may not be good in bed either, just because they are rolling in the money. Guys have always spoken about earth shattering se.x with their mboches. Could it be because she maybe innocent? also you will see male celebs leave their celeb wives for women who work for them. David Beckham once cheated with their nanny and it was the biggest scandal ever. Rich guys get se.x all the time but not guaranteed to be quality. The caretaker maybe breaking the bed with this one mboch on her off day.
I think it is availability v quality.