Ladies before getting pregno for a man can you atleast check him on CRB

After the unfortunate disaster of the Njeri Thorne and her dusty brokeass non executive director baby daddy, let’s all learn to check a man’s credit worthiness before you even go on a date please. I found out how important having good credit score is when I found out that I had no score because I had never procured credit. I began the journey to build my credit score then. It’s difficult to even get to interview stage with bad credit score.

Its very unfortunate for you to get a kid with a man listed as a repeat defaulter on CRB then expect any kind of financial support raising your kid. Especially if you are targeting high standards for your kid.

To make it worse, once his poverty goes on to the public domain, you now risk the man losing more opportunities hence sabotaging the man’s sources of income. It’s actually a lose lose situation all road.

One Mr. Sitati and his family are facing alot of embarrassment from disclosure of his financial woes. As the Bible says, those who have more will be added and those who don’t, even what they have will be taken away. A reputation of being broke can actually ruin your chances of getting other opportunities.

Also do background checks on court websites to see if they have any criminal past like Mr. Sitaki drunk driving that killed a man. It may follow your kids.

Ukitaka kula nguruwe chagua aliye nona. Brokeasses wachia mambotch.

Mwanaume ni madeni.

I can assure you that the embraasment and contempt this family is about to face is bad, Kenyans are very snobbish, they themselves may be having loans but the fact that wewe umeanikwa makes you a pariah. Ukichelewa kulipa fees no more grace period it’s Hawa ni wale wako CRB. Utadharauliwa hadi na watchman wako. Kenyans only respect you when they think you have money.

:D:D:Dentitled broke women just shit and eat without adding any value… then expect the man to grind and keep them fed. that’ssome BS

…and you do not think that you can marry rich and things go south later?

I’m talking about child support manenos not marriage.

Him what value has he added to his family? He does not even own a home in Nairobi. Wanaume wa siku hizi bana. Being a director means nothing. Musandos wife is a director at EPZ so huyu jamaa hakuna value he’s adding except siring kids he can’t support. As a man you must support your children financially. Hakuna cha kusema women are entitled. Weren’t you entitled to their pussy so be now entitled to paying child support.

Is Njeri Thorne broke? If she can run for women reps position it’s obvious she can bleed money as is expected of anyone running for office in Nairobi.

Her thing is that she pays half and the baby daddy pays his half unfortunately the man she picked is the one in need of child support since he is not even able to maintain a family in Nairobi ati he has to transfer them to Nanyuki. Me I am a single woman and the only place I can relocate to is Coast which is actually more expensive to live in than Nairobi especially the resort towns.

So it’s hard to understand what is really happening with this guy bcz he’s had good jobs all through, he only has 3 kids, I believe he’s worked as an expatriate too. So how exactly did he end up in CRB?

He’s not a basic person, so I am sure that when the lady heard how broke he was she almost fainted bcz it’s not adding up.

That’s why I am advising ladies to check CRB Black list to avoid this kind of broke directors. This is a very bad picture.

There’s something called making business decisions. One day you will learn there’s a difference between being rich and being wealthy. CRB blacklists will have the likes of Chris Kirubi listed.

Zote zinanidai na sishtuki