Ladies! Be careful when making that money via sex

This guy has duped 62 ladies online, he records having sex with them while they are not aware then blackmails them and even steals from them.

Unlucky ones get assaulted

Leone Wandera is his name. Im just here to warn the rest.[ATTACH=full]376364[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]376366[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]376367[/ATTACH]

I was hoping to see the videos

Hio mdomo joh, hahaha

Naona jamaa ya salvation army ilikupiga strokes za a thousand slaves & recorded it in 4K. So alikulipisha ngapi ndio akupe copy yako ya DVD?

Huyu ni @kungu pilot…weka full evidence ghassia hii

Huyo Mujamaa alikuwa ameanikwa na ma Slayqwins eons ago.
Clever guy!
Anakula vitu na kuingia mitini!

Huyu aulize mamake maswali, inakaa ana uhusiano na Diamond Platnumz.

10k. My friend never saw a cent. haha

haha… when? I missed it. Alianikwa wapi?

Videos anajiwekea then anatuma snippets. He has lots of them.

:smiley: haha

He will soon meet his equal.

What goes around comes around.

But until then I’ll keep warning others

Watu ka hawa ndyo wanatuharibia, went to meet a lady akatokelezea na beshte yake some months back

Nilisoma ati yeye hujifanya anapenda outdoor sex. Alafu mkiwa in the moment mans anaingia gari anaspeed off bila kulipa :D:D:D

haha. true

How did someone locate and count 62 women?

Yes. Ulisoma wapi btw?

No1 had to. He said it himself. After he dupes the women and starts blackmailing them, he even starts bragging about it to them, about all the things he has done. let me send 2 screenshots.

This a screenshot from his phone, that he took of a convo he had with a chic he has just duped, that he sent to another chic he had duped to show how good he is at this. lol