Ladies and Gents let us jienjoy. Feel free to post some soppy balads.

I start you off with my dude…

This one is for you…you know yourself

My all time dude delivers here…

This is what we shall be listening to tonight from our young DJs…they were not born then…we luuurve them kiddoz for appreciating our 80’s/90’s music.

Niaje mrembo. I like your music selekshen.

Ingiza zako Mzeiya…bila bike. Tunaenjoy …some collections.

sina bandos za kutosha sahii(peasant manenos) ningeeka video kadhaa.

Niambie will post.

Niekee …time after time ya cindy lauper. nitapenda sana my deer

And the don i here…

I love that song dude. Means a lot to me.

Weka Tuimbe pamoja kama choir kwa church.

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