Lab assistant aka Lab

" Brother where at thou ? "

GAY LORD alert

For ur info Tumefanya biz mob na yeye. Just wanted to know if ame discover this new jungle coz nyani ni wale wale tu!

Why can’t we put up a thread and name all missing klisters?Each one of us had their favourites and each day we keep seeing where is this or that lister.

You can do that but kuna wengine hatutaki wajue saaaana pahali tuko.

That would have earned you a few days in the cold in Klost.

"Mundu Mulosi, Bs, Ms,Ma, PhD and ScD, Your account has been suspended till 27.12.2013.

Reasons- Calling people gay.

Hata sikukasirika, I found it funny.

@Mundu Mulosi haha ati 2013 tena :smiley: :smiley: