Kwisha sisi

Tafadhalini ongeeni na mzee asimalize sisi sana[ATTACH=full]442221[/ATTACH]

That’s stupid hapati kura yangu

Very good move.
Civil servants are mostly advantaged in most cases to grab those tenders.
Nyorosa hao @Baaba @The 5th

Kwa hivyo tusifuge kuku ama ng’ombe za maziwa because we are employed by the government? Shallow myopic thinking

Strengthen accountability not restrict potential.

Sasa Kama Niko civil service na pale naishi Niko na ngombe za grade na ma kuku zinanipea pesa daily niwache aaah hio ni upuss

Too many civil servants, especially those in senior positions in the counties, are running with the hares while hunting with the hounds
Malisaaa wao @The Vth

Conflict of interest iangamizwe i support

Biashara siachi kamwe

Shifu niconnect na job ya gava pia Mimi nikamue.

Wajakoya for president

Sawa bro

WTF! All the way :smiley:

Nilikua namsupport then I came to the realization that Wajackoyah will never be president and even if he ever gets the presidency, the risk of impeachment will be too great juu hana watu parliament. Raila will be the next president…

Conflict of interest mzae. Those civil servants will ensure their produce gets the best pricing at the expense of those they are supposed to be serving.

Hio upussy angeambia jicho nyanya. His family business gets priority 1 in government