Kwani Watchmen zote ni baruhya?

Weeh! Juzi nilikuwa in various high end resorts and supermarkets in Central Kenya. Nimeshtuka kuona kwamba most of the security guards ni baruhya Bana. Yaani hata deep inside Sendro mawatchie ni baruhya tu! Hii ni talent ya mabaruhya ama ni vile large businesses don’t trust Kikuyu Watchmen? Hata Alliance high school ni baruhya zimejaa Kwa gate Bana!!!

Probably it’s as a result of referrals.
Company owner aliambia the fisrt luyhia soja amtafutie watu wengine wawili watatu.
The guy contacted his relatives and village mates, who then reffered their relatives relatives and neighbouring village mates… and the trend has continued for the last 60 years or so.

Mluhya mkaandikwa na yeye kwa mhindi na mnanyanyaswa wote halafu ifike siku uamue kupiga mhindi awache ujinga, there is a 99.8785% chance that the luhya watchman will stop you or even beat you to a pulp on behalf of the mhindi ghaseer. Forget that hajapata mshara for 3 months straight kama wewe. His motivation ni ile flask kubwa ya chai na stale bread ya 120 yenye yeye hupewa kila siku na zile 20 bob yeye huokota in his part time hustle as a parking boy.

They are given some token then told to go back in the village while wearing new Eastleigh clad, come back with huge Baruyas wenye wamestunya. They are promised that Nairobi and environs is a land of milk and honey. Woe unto them when they arrive. They are paid 12k tops and that’s for the best paying companies. They survive on gorogoro sent from upcountry and omena. The juajis know how to make money by washing tenants vehicles, repainting recently vacated houses.
But this 10k they make most use if it you may find some who have built very nice houses huko reserve. Others buy ngombe za grazing. Wale bladifakin forget their wives and marry zinyangarika mboch za town wanasambaza mbegu zao mbaya mbaya

You remind me of something. most people from the village think 12K per month is a lot of money. Until they have to pay rent and spend on bus Fare.

Hujasema poa bana! :D:D

They think the job will be paying 12k without expenses but woe unto them. Majority just move to a nearby slum

I always wondered how omwamis manage two wives on their soldier salaries until I observed one omwami in Kangemi. He was employed on a 7500 salary but would moonlight as a car wash guy for several motorists as well as a parking assistant na vile tao parking huwa prime sana. Halafu kuna ukora pia alikuwa anapiga na wasee wa kanjo wa parking. Mtaani yeye ni painter tena plumber na his two wives mmoja alikuwa na kibanda ya chakula na mwingine anauza mboga na mtumba. Omwami was ever awash with cash na alikuwa daily drinking officer.

Tena wako na watoto very healthy viajab

Kitu sijawahi elewa ni,all okuyus call us poor,and we live in slums

They portray themselves as rich.

But why is it this rich guys have the highest number of street families?

If you have a salary of 12k in the village and you don’t pay rent, buy food or pay bus fare, it’s a lot of money. Assuming you even have other small sources of income.

Baruhya genes are very strong and they rarely fall sick. Hata kitoto unaona kiko na nguvu kama nyati. They even like sexing around with multiple women but you rarely see them dying of AIDS like Jaruo

Kuja nikupee kazi wacha ku bitch

Stop diverting from the thread. I didn’t mention okuyu anywhere in this thread. I didn’t insinuate that it’s a dick measuring contest between baruhya and okuyu. My question is why most guards in Kenya are likely to be baruhya. Stick to the topic bro


70% of kids born in central Kenya btn 1990 and 2022 to both married an unmarried females their fathers are luhya . thats according to peer approved research .

sapere men kazi ni illicit poisonous brews and kulala kwa sewer trenches

KDF walitoa official statement wakasema kuna difference kubwa kati ya SOLDIER na SOJA
Hawataki ku degradiwa.


Hii nakubaliana nawe.i know some wenye wamezalisha wanawake kadhaa.

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