kwani some churches watu hulipwa to bring in new members?

Jana around 3pm nimekaa kwa bed watching movies on my lappy. In come these two guys who ask for two minutes of our time which later became 20mins(u know kenyans na dakika mbili tu). The guys started preaching to us about the kingdom of God and the importance of getting saved. They tell us how they used to be sinners but now are saved and futher try to scare us about how their unsaved friends aew now dead or things are not going to them as planned. In the end the asked to pray with us to which we obliged. Now after maombi they invited us(was with my roomie) to their church for a sermon leo. So we tell them that MAYBE we will make it. Wakasema eti sawa they will come pick us up service inaanza 9. So usiku me n my roomie agreed that we will open the door at 10am hat kama ni kadem amekuja na njaa ya coomer. So leo sas moja asubuhi the guy was already knocking our door. Ignored him thinking he will give up but we were wrong. He kept knocking hadi 9am(mtu angedhani he is carrying a prophesy for us from the almighty) when we thought he had given up. So at 9:30 my roomie opened the door only to find him amekaa kando ya door. Dude got up akaingia room na kukaa chini hata bila kuwa offered to a seat na kusema haya nimekuja kuwapick. Tried to repulse him by telling him nililala late am too tired to get up, he was quick to reply oga tu utakuwa fresh(hapa nikasema ni kubaya). So mimi nikaa tu kwa bed not lifting a leg then the guy dropped a bombshell eti "no need even to go for breakfast from the mess nitawanunulia. Hapa nikajua ni kubaya. So i woke up saw a smile on his face ni kama he thought he had finally convinced us. Grabbed my phone charger nikaweka kwa mfuko. I told our evangelist that nafika shop narudi n he was like okay niko tu hapa. Nikaenda nje called a friend from another block. Went over to his place n found him busy on his comp. Mimi nikendelea na usimgizi wangu. Went back to my place at 11 nikaambiwa eti he sat there waiting for me till he gave up later.
Kwani siku hizi some churches pay members to bring in new members ama nini? Who in his right mind will patiently wIt dor 3 hours kwa msee ili ampeleke church? Unlesz ni deni ama wewe ni landlord mtu akikupima unalenga roho safi. I hops next weekend sitasumbuliwa tena.


Holy, holy crap! Well the bible does say they will take the kingdom by force…thats extreme though.

They need the sadaka buda, ungemwambia achukue sadaka yako akulipie story ingeisha

Sasa wewe Avicii na time yako mingi huwa unacheza games kama mtoi ,si afadhali kwenda church ?

Sasa wewe Avicii na time yako mingi huwa unacheza games kama mtoi ,si afadhali kwenda church ?

I go to church in my own terms. Si eti mtu ananistalk to make go to. Gaming is fun. Try it out.

Hehehe good idea

Lol kufunguliwa boot kwa church

Hahaha i know


labda ni yesu alikua amekuja… na ukamkataa…


Hivyo ndio watu hulenga malaika kama hawajui.

Games ni za kila mtu you guy…the gaming industry wouldnt be bigger than the movie industry ka zingekuwa tu za watoto…gaming is a part of life.

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Hadithi za father Abraham peleka Sunday school




umekataa mungu pole kaka

The first time there was a robbery at our local ACK church, i was a six year old kid and i was shocked beyond measure and knew without a doubt that those thieves would burn alive… . Little did i know i would encounter grand scale theft and conmanship in those same places as an adult…