Kwani Only 2 Tribes Can Lead Kenya?

MImi ni Okuyu but we have had three presidents and 2 Vice Presidents, it is time for for Kenya to try leadership from other communities. Sisi Okuyu are thieves by nature so are Kales. We need new blood.

3 vice presidents

Boss, si utakufa mapema sana juu ya hii story! especially when Ruto becomes president! when are you gonna start living your life?

Josephat , Saitoti Kinuthia who is the other?


Its a democratic country. People vote.

I am a Kikuyu and I will be the fifth president after Uhuru

Another bonobo fresh from a cave. Kenyans elect individuals and not tribes to be president. Since as a bonobo, you cannot vote, let me educate you. When you enter a polling station, you are given a vote with a list of names of the candidates and not the names of a tribe.

Wacha Peter Kenneth achukue hii kitu

Are you Ledama Ole Kina.That guy is slowly turning into another Ole Ntimama.His hate for Kikuyus is out of this world.

That’s democracy…majority have their way.

Who are the ‘majority’ in Kenya? Since the biggest ethnic group in Kenya is just 22% of the population, perhaps even much less?
Even the three biggest ethnicities in Kenya lumped together do not make up 50% of the population. Fact.

It’s not about two tribes, it’s about three families.

Remember thirikari cia mungiki this is the only crap bloody mungiki bastards can buy.


Sisi okuyu tuachie wengine…bana

Ati tribe? Meffi kabisa, uhuru doesn’t belong to your tribe, raila us closer. The rest of you are pawns which us us only during general elections.

Don’t they have a right like the rest of the communities,what is democracy?

We need another Kikuyu president come 2022. Ruto ataonea hii kiti kwa viusasa.

The only kikuyus who have benefited from the 3 bastards being president are their families. The sooner we realise that as a tribe the better.