Kwani Betty Kyalo & other slay Queens walikosea Nyakundi nini?

This is what he just tweeted…SMH

Dear Betty Kyalo, use prime of ur career to leave a lasting impact. Find a husband now that you got looks to boot. Dont end up like angry feminists Ciku & Mwanyigha Soon you’ll be away from the limelight with sagging boobs like Kirigo Ng’arua & no man will wish to eat ur ass up - C.Nyakundi


It’s savage but mbona uchokozi ALL the time? He should concentrate on matters politics and leave ladies out of his issues.

Me thinks he is being paid by Betty kyalo’s fmr husband. [SIZE=2]Dennis Okari[/SIZE]

No chills…

:D:D nyakundi huchapa hawa ma singo matha and self reclaimed business women ma K.O kama hii hapa

Hiyo ndio inaitwanga objective assessment


huyo ameonyesha nyonyo ni nani.

Betty Kyalo…mali ya wazee

hata kijana Joho amedip stick hapo.

Huyo Sheila anapewa ma RKO Lila article.

Nyakundi apewe honorary membership ktalk na title ya senior villager

Nyakundi = Mtura Ndom.

Yes, its definitely abit too much. He should hook up with njoki chege.

ng’arua used to be an anchor on Cord TV.

Huyu labda apewe 'Village Msengenyi

I love a good joke now and then lakini this is too much now. Attacking women all the time makes a nigga look weak

Very subjective, I don’t think they have ever answered him, it’s like a dog baying at the moon.

Mwenye ako katikati ameninice