Kwa Yesu ni Rahaha

Today am reminded of Prodigal Son who felt that raha iko kwa dunia and asked his dad for his inheritance. So the dad gave the boy his inheritance and off the handsome,charismatic, energetic young chap went.

Ofcourse with loads of money and with the young boy full of energy,akajibamba mbaya. Raha zote latest, he was taken on tour. Casinos,brothels,clubs and massage parlors! For awhile there the boy was in heaven. Freedom,no rules,no responsibilities za kukamua ngombe na kulima.

As we all know however though kweli there’s pleasure in sin - otherwise nobody would sin - it is just for a season. After season ya,muenjoyo utajua raha za shetani ni mashaka na shetani hana fom ingine ila death certificate.

The boy had no more money left and because God,loved him God didnt allow him just get a job and continue in sin, because God chastises those He loves, He sent a great drought immediately pesa ilipoisha.

The boy akatoka Tao kwa starehe akarudi maisha ya shambani, the irony, he was running away from being an heir in a farm,now he was a pig hand. For a Jew to tend pigs was the greatest degradation. And there was no salary,just sharing food with pigs. Sin takes you further than you thought,charges you everything good you had and leaves you emptyhanded and degraded. Mpaka unajisahau kwa sababu ya,mateso and oppression. The boy forgot himself as an heir and became a slave. Just like Samson forgot bcz,of sin that he was a Nazarite ordained to save the Israelites from Philistines oppression and began to live like a normal man only to end up as a blind slave mocked by the Philistines.

Satan is the father of lies, he is such a liar,he had the nerve,to lie to Jesus, ati bow down to me and I will give you the world. As in the God who created the universe??? Satan will give Him what??? Like its his to give. Sigh!

One fine morning,the boy came back to his senses. He thought about his dad and how their servants lived a life with more dignity. He sets off on his sojourn back home, saying to himself,I will ask my dad’s forgiveness then ask to be made a servant.

What followed is the most beautiful story ever, the dad saw him a far way off and ran to him,the boy fell on his knees,smelling terrible avoiding his dads touch. His dad lifted him, kissed him,put a robe over him and a ring. I’ve read this story so many times but Im always amazed by this dad. Not even one word of reproach after the boy squandered all his inheritance?! The love of a father!

And he threw a big bash. Saying my son who was lost is found. My son who I thought was dead is alive.

Jesus said,come to me all ye who are heavy Laden and I will give you rest.
Blessed Sunday. Whatever you’re going through, Jesus loves you, Jesus is there for you, David said,even though my mother and father cast me out,the Lord shall take me in.Everybody who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved and shall never be,put to shame. Jesus will never leave you and never forsake you.Amen.

Madam kwanza umesoma Sunday Nation?? Haki wamekumaliza

Has @Andrew Kibe contacted you?

@GeorginaMakena, Jesus, and RAO on the same side? Never ever! Hiyo church yako siwezi kanyaga.