Kwa wenye mumeficha pesa solution

now that the government has decided to cut your tail, I have a solution for you as an insider in the financial sector.

Obviously if you have 50 million kwa nyumba huwezi deposit cleanly by October, sasa I know several birionea clients who transact millions in a day nione kando for a percentage awekee kwa account yake akupee pesa swafi

If you have a billion I know a person who can facilitate an account in the Cayman Islands na Switzerland

For the money to go to Cayman , lazima ikuwe local bank a/c first, right? if am not mistaken…

Vile itafika Hio ni classified info

Branch managers akina anko watanukisha kitunguu ,anko Sasa atapeleka clitchy Disneyland na khupipi Hawaii for Christmas

Mmmmh ghuu

Why not just buy foreign currency in hard cash. Many forex bureau have minimum questions policy…

maskini Kama wewe haufai ku comment hapa

Kupikia bank workers chai does not allow you to claim that you are in the financial services sector


si alinunua tv kubwa kijiji ikakosa kupumua wiki nzima :D:D

I have a better deal, I can supply gold for that money.

mzito angusha busaa ya sikukuu.

jioni baba

:D:D wacha ku caught feelings @Makonika ingilia Kati

Why you calling for help? Can’t handle this maskini?
Na uache kubonga in sign language…

Bank Managers wako na tricks, usiende panya route or gold route, kuna mwingine alikuwa anani advice how to deposit, Sijui unaweka 900k then later Sijui unaweka ngapi in a day ndio isiraise flag but if Alshabab deposited and their operatives withdrew 100M in a month Dussit manenos kwa mpesa na hizi bank za wahindi, mtu atashindwa KU maneuver kweli? Get dollars, euros whatever. Kenya there are enough loopholes to exploit without falling into conmen hands. ATI watakufungulia offshore.

Nimekuonea 18.

Quadrey huyo jamaa ni tuktuk magnate.
Apana, kasirisha yeye.


Best madaraka day so far