Kwa nini feelings m-nacatch?Post yangu ya Gatheti...

Why is it that any time someone mentions,its either you are a devil worshiper,kichwakibovu,hatutoki hapa etc…
Case and point i just posted on how to download Gatheti direct from the Nation Servers and my post was pulled down,just because i gave credit to the site where i got the details.

Hatutoki…na hio site yako iko down.

Kuwa mple, and loose that handle ASAP.

Sijasema mtu aende,i just posted on how to download Daily Nation,Taifa Leo and Business Daily through direct links without waiting for someone to post.And then i posted a link to where i got the information from.Which crime have i committed,whose Goat have i eaten?

Toka hapa SAITANI !

truth be told, your site reads and looks as boring af. just like one of those created for the sole purpose of making money. the journey ahead will be rough, better find alternatives you know smthn about

si uwachange umafi… nkt

sasa skia…mtu akiongea about hio site inakuwa tena ni yake,si juzi mlikuwa mnadai eti tena ni ya @Village elder

that handle belonged to a lenged in whose shoes you cant fit just change it before you become the 1st ktalk suspension

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wacha kutumia jina ya Wanderi in vain, you can’t fit in his slippers, leave alone shoes, nkt

Piga hii nugu kalamu

and those complaining about my handle,i registered long before R.I.P jimmy and actually its my name,i can change it out of respect though

But this is all besides the point.My question was and still remains,why was my post pulled down?

Because we could not get hold of you to pull down your trousers and DFHKMBLBHNKN you. Sirre

did you just come out of the closet??

NO.Its out of anger!

you dont DFHKM a man. just break his neck


Lenged ni nini, nani ama ni wapi?

adhari ya lugha ya mama. meant legend