Kwa Ground

Kenya sits 6th behind India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Madagascar in total number of people living in extreme poverty (WB)

17.6mn Kenyans live below $2/day (35% of population)

Madagascar is the poorest at 77.3% followed by South Sudan at 73%

Morning sani i hope you are having a great day just wanted to tell you that the military is hiring soon and we are keen to harness your unmatched and unrivaled skills in the delicate art of marine warfare, diving and general rescue ops in the indian ocean. Your skills will greatly be utilized by the esteemed navy… Happy kdf day sooon to be comrade

An incompetent government, the mediocrity in this country is at an alarming high.

Huyu Ni keyboard Navy seal

mmi sikucomment kuhusu skills za navy. nilisema leadership yao ndo iko na shida. watu wa eldoret wako sawa lakini watu wa lanet hawako sawa

@sani can’t ever bath with a bucket full of water, ati hiyo maji ni mingi sana.

i’ve never questioned our navy’s capabilities.

Zote zinaandikwa unaeza chagua ya lanet and engineer change from within