Kuzaa Tu Kama Panya

Watching NTV news and nimeona yet another woman with 8 young kids living in poverty and starving. 8 kids. Even wealthy people get a maximum of 3 because they know life can take a 180 degree turn. That risk is always there and kids are not vehicles that maisha ikikuwa ngumu utawauza. I now believe that one of the primary causes of poverty in Kenya is the high birth rate among poor people. It should be criminalized. :mad::mad:

niko nyuma yako

Ukweli, hii kuzaana ovyo ovyo inamalisa Kenya Bana.

And you people wonder why developed countries, kina U.S and China, are creating viruses kama AIDS and Corona… Niggas are breeding too much, overpopulation lazima ipunguzwe

Watu wanazaana ovyo ovyo ni Wahindi. Indians will overtake Chinese very soon.

Target yangu Kama Bukusu kingpin Ni 30 DNA confirmed boys

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]And how the fvck will it be enforced?

High birthrate isn’t the cause of poverty, rather poverty is the cause of high birthrate.
A poor person’s only escape n stress reliever at the end of the day is sex, na sahizo unapata msee hana ata pesa ya cd ama birth control pills.
Msee akona pesa can go shika moja mbili kutowa stress ama take a trip over the weekend kutuliza akili.
That’s why unaona countries kama India pia vijana ni wengi kazi kuzaana tu


Good thing with poverty is that more cheap women are born so the cost of pudesh goes down

Idleness and poverty reason for many kids.

When humans are idle and poor, nothing else they do than bang bang bang thus more children. When you are wealthy and busy, even energy for sex is drained by your mind work reason rich people have less kids mostly.

You cannot run after wealth and with the same energy after a pussy - you must choose one. Pussy is poverty. All men women brag how good they fuck, they are all poor reason sugarmummies love fuckboys for they are poor ready to poor all their energy in their cunts

Sasa unataka mtu akule bibi yake na CD. No way bana. Lakini hapo pa kuzaana sana nakubaliana na wewe.

These peasant bonobos simply pro-create and fuck like there’s no tommorow, alafu unapata they cling on to the ‘serikali saidia’ narrative

If you can’t FEED them, don’t BREED

I agree with this. Most Kenyans have grown into the belief that having many children is a source of pride, something of a title. And religion is also encouraging this, given that some of their doctrines discourage contraception and family planning, tells people to embrace children as a gift from God.
Maybe we can go the Chinese 1 or 2 child policy, with reference to each family’s financial strength.

From an evolutionary standpoint, when an organism, or a species is not in a position to almost guarantee the survival of offspring (hence self perpetuation) they breed in volume to make up for expected high offspring mortality…few survive & that’s the point - some shall survive, thrive & reproduce, meeting the objective of self perpetuation…you always see those brutal mathafathas who scream high from their monolithic edifices ‘I made it from poverty all on my own!’ Conversely, the Njonjo ilk & like breed really few brats, in whom they invest quality rearing with standards as high as they can get, in the hopes that their issue shall not just survive, but thrive & re-perpetuate with minimal effort.

That being said, sheet happens all the time…S.K’s Porsche squashed son, Kiboro’s suicidal boy…you get the point.

Bottom line is, one kid is a big risk, two halves it, three’s ok…and the true winner is the dude with kids by three women…one or more of them shall make it big. You just can’t lose with that. Sorry beeches, it’s genetic rotary & that’s the number & formula on the winning ticket. Women can only come close by getting bred here & there, but we know how that ends for them if married to red pillers (oxymoronic)…and if singo, well…he he he…she’ll settle for just one kid if she’s got any kind of brains.For a dude, it doesn’t matter! One of them kids shall strike it big & reproduce, hence perpetuation his genes… we’re not talking what you get from your rich kids here, which is an embarrassing thing some parents get up to, just good old self-perpetuation, survival of the fittest, natural selection biological crap without letting beech rules come in the way. Tambua watoto, sio mama zao. It’s that plain. Kazi ni kulea sio kuzaa.

Let’s be honest, having kids is a lot of fun, in all their cute, chubby glory.
Anyway, not a single person is born into this world unless God approves of it. Kwa hivyo those kids had to come, by hook or crook. I’m asking you to tap into the metaphysical world; those souls had to acquire bodies for a greater purpose which you/we may not fully understand.

That is a foreign language to peasants in slums.

Weee! Si kila kitu God approves…ukienda umwangie malaya ndani utasema God ame-approve? Some things are consequences of our actions.

I don’t believe in religion so most of what you have typed is nonsensical to me. There is a reason why the dumbest people on earth are found in churches.